Sunday 28 February 2021

Sunday Adventure with Leaf

A beautiful Sunday, a bit cooler than Saturday, but still perfect to go for a walk.

Leaf enjoyed finding places along the walk to rest and take in the surrounding nature.

He does like a mossy stone

Aha, the beach!  

The perfect rock to sit and watch the waves lapping the shore.

Leaf wanted to stay awhile

and so he did.


Saturday 27 February 2021

Leaf's Saturday in the Garden.

What a beautiful day it was today.

The first lawn mowing for the year took place.

Leaf 'helped' out in the garden...

...although I am sure he spent more time just sitting and enjoying than actual helping!

The garden seat is now back in use, and Leaf enjoyed looking out at the sea.


Friday 26 February 2021

Clara, Clare, Camille & Chloe

Here we have a line up of my Corolle Les Cheries dolls.

In order that I got them, from left to right: Clara, Clare, Camille and Chloe

Clara is wearing a Les Cherie outfit which is beautifully made and fits her so well.  The other three girls are wearing Glitter Girl outfits.

Some face shots:

I love Chloe's delicate features and little freckles.

Clare has different freckles and quite a different look I think, a bit more cheeky.


and Chloe.

They hang out with a coupe of my American Girl dolls.

Here they are with Oona Faith my Paola Reina doll

Below is a picture of my original Chloe whom I sold a few years ago.

She came in a pretty little ballerina outfit.  She was actually really photogenic, and had an adorable tilt of her head in some positions as shown below in these photos also taken in 2012.

Such a shame they are no longer producing these sweet little dolls.


Thursday 25 February 2021

Unboxing Chloe

So another box opening... this time a Les Cheries Corolle doll.  Now I already had three of these little dolls that are quite special to me.  One my MIL gave to me for Christmas a few years ago, one I found in a New Zealand Charity Shop in 2019 which was fun, and one I was from a friend.  Out of curiosity I did a search the other day and discovered they are no longer producing this line of dolls.  They briefly changed them to 'ma cherie creation' but I don't think they really took off under this newer guise.  A shame as they used to have such lovely clothes when they first came out. Anyway I managed to find one on Amazon - but not by searching on Amazon, nothing came up!  Instead I found her on a google search that came up with an Amazon link.  There were only about three I think it was available so I decided to get her as I didn't have one with brown hair.  (I used to have one years ago, but sold her!  Haha, yes I have re-purchased the same doll, but not in such a lovely outfit as my other one had).  

In her box 

Back of the box

She was easy to take out of the box, although does have a mark round her neck where the string was.

There are little bits of fabric that you can attach to the dress

to make 'designer' outfits.  Obviously very much geared with children in mind.

However, the dress has that 'yukky' feel to it, I guess so the other 'bits' stick, and I couldn't wait to take it off her.  She DID come with underwear which was nice, as I have had two dolls arrive without recently.  She also has pink shoes.

She has a pretty little face with eyes that open and close.

She fits into Oona Faith's clothes and I love how these dolls can share clothes with other similar size dolls.

Next post I will show her with her 'sisters' and also with Oona Faith, my Paola Reina doll for comparison.


Wednesday 24 February 2021

Unboxing Margo

Well, I have another box opening!  Yup, that is right, the ol' slippery finger struck again... although I did do a little research first.  😊  In fact there will be at least another couple of box openings over the next week... I think the February blues have struck!  Especially as normally at this time of year I would be in New Zealand now visiting my parents.  It was hard enough missing last year, but now it is two years since I saw them both, and not knowing whether I will ever see them again has been really really hard. 

So without further ado....

The box arrived this morning...

...opening it...


Isn't she beautiful?!  She came in this sweet little original outfit.

Such a pretty face.  I was in such a rush to take a photo I forgot to straighten out her jacket and hair!

Removed the tag.

Another close up of her pretty face.

She came with an extra set of clothes which are super cute.

Just love this picture of her.  She is so photogenic.

Her limbs move in a similar way to Sasha, so her arms and legs can be adjusted not only backwards and forwards, but outwards and inwards as well (hopefully that makes sense!)  Her head can also tilt in different directions.  Just love this outfit.

I think it is perfect for this time of year.

She stands at about 18 inches I think, so taller than Everlee Rose (Sasha Doll)  and Nisha (Girl for All Time Doll).

I have called her Margo (her previous name was Luna, which I might keep as a 'middle' name)  She is a Yella Schildkrot Doll by Sieglinde Frieske.  I had never seen or heard of these dolls before and found her quite by accident.  I am so pleased with her.  I haven't felt quite this way about a new doll for a very long time.  

Tuesday 23 February 2021

Sunday Adventure for Leaf

There is something about sitting and watching the waves lapping the shore...

Leaf enjoyed his Sunday afternoon walk along the beach and took some time to just sit and enjoy the sea.

Leaf makes himself at home in the Mulberry Tree amongst the ivy which provides a nice backdrop. 


Monday 22 February 2021

My Doll Room

My 'Doll Room' is quite a small space and at the moment they have to share the space with the 'library' as well.  Hopefully by the end of the year, the library may have moved and I have more space...or the doll room may have moved?

It is hard to get decent photos in this space as it is not very wide and I have to use a flash, especially at this time of year when it is so dark.  But at the same time at least they are protected against sunlight.  I have quite an eclectic mix of dolls, most of which are vintage or antique, including my childhood doll Linda.

This shelf is in my room.   The middle doll was given to me from my friend Sharlyn last year just before Christmas.  I still haven't named her yet...oops!  She is wearing a dress I bought a few years ago which I love.  I actually have the pattern for this dress, so I must knit another at some time.  Chrissa on the left and Lindsey on the right are wearing clothing I have knitted.


Thursday 18 February 2021

An Unboxing

 I saw something that really piqued my interest the other day quite by accident, and well before you knew it I had pressed that BIN button and the packaged arrived safely this afternoon.

A cardboard box wrapped in black plastic

Within that box bubble wrapped was the actual box...

Beautifully illustrated box

First side


Other side

Opened up

He comes with a book, a bookmark - not pictured, some incense sticks (not that I like incense, but a nice touch) a stone necklace, and a little bag pouch which is currently behind his back.

A cheeky face.

Lots of detailing in the hands.

Cute little wrinkled knees

First photo outside before I removed his tag...

He couldn't wait to get out and explore!

Found a good rock to sit on

Peeping through the hole in the apple tree

Amongst the snowdrops.

Sitting up the Sycamore tree.

His name is Plim, but I think I am going to call him Leaf, after his description from inside the book (which has a photo and description of all the different dolls in the range)

PLIM (will to live, make the heart strong).  Joyful, mischievous, simple and spontaneous, they play around you and offer childhood magic, and the sweetness and innocence in their heart.  This is what Plim says:  I will make a hat with the leaves of a tree, I'll decorate your hair with multicoloured flowers, and I'll make you a  quartz necklace long to the chest, because this is where it has to be to melt in you and beats in unison with your heart.  You must remember that the most simple and natural things are the ones that make you happy and bring life to your heart.

With my love of nature combined with the beauty of my surroundings, I think he is going to make a fun travel companion.  He has a soft body and vinyl limbs and is quite light and at about 15 inches is not too big to carry around.