Wednesday 24 February 2021

Unboxing Margo

Well, I have another box opening!  Yup, that is right, the ol' slippery finger struck again... although I did do a little research first.  😊  In fact there will be at least another couple of box openings over the next week... I think the February blues have struck!  Especially as normally at this time of year I would be in New Zealand now visiting my parents.  It was hard enough missing last year, but now it is two years since I saw them both, and not knowing whether I will ever see them again has been really really hard. 

So without further ado....

The box arrived this morning...

...opening it...


Isn't she beautiful?!  She came in this sweet little original outfit.

Such a pretty face.  I was in such a rush to take a photo I forgot to straighten out her jacket and hair!

Removed the tag.

Another close up of her pretty face.

She came with an extra set of clothes which are super cute.

Just love this picture of her.  She is so photogenic.

Her limbs move in a similar way to Sasha, so her arms and legs can be adjusted not only backwards and forwards, but outwards and inwards as well (hopefully that makes sense!)  Her head can also tilt in different directions.  Just love this outfit.

I think it is perfect for this time of year.

She stands at about 18 inches I think, so taller than Everlee Rose (Sasha Doll)  and Nisha (Girl for All Time Doll).

I have called her Margo (her previous name was Luna, which I might keep as a 'middle' name)  She is a Yella Schildkrot Doll by Sieglinde Frieske.  I had never seen or heard of these dolls before and found her quite by accident.  I am so pleased with her.  I haven't felt quite this way about a new doll for a very long time.  


  1. What a beautiful endearing little face! I love her and love her name as well

  2. She’s absolutely beautiful such an endearing little face as well congratulations

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment :)

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment. Sadly I can't communicate with my parents via computer. My Mum is now in rest home care facility as she has very advanced Alzheimers and can't communicate at all, and my Dad doesn't have any computer - they don't even get cell phone reception where he lives. He is so hard isn't it?

  4. She is charming and looks so delicate (both her gentle face as well as her limb proportions). I was surprised to see how tall she is. What a shame you can’t at least communicate with your parents on the computer. It is close to two years since I have seen my parents, but we have been able to “see” each other on the computer.

    1. She does look like she is a very delicate gentle soul. I am guessing she is the same height as the American dolls, but a LOT slimmer! I will have to see how she compares in height to my Kidz n Cats boys.

      Yes it is a shame, and really hard.


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