Friday 26 February 2021

Clara, Clare, Camille & Chloe

Here we have a line up of my Corolle Les Cheries dolls.

In order that I got them, from left to right: Clara, Clare, Camille and Chloe

Clara is wearing a Les Cherie outfit which is beautifully made and fits her so well.  The other three girls are wearing Glitter Girl outfits.

Some face shots:

I love Chloe's delicate features and little freckles.

Clare has different freckles and quite a different look I think, a bit more cheeky.


and Chloe.

They hang out with a coupe of my American Girl dolls.

Here they are with Oona Faith my Paola Reina doll

Below is a picture of my original Chloe whom I sold a few years ago.

She came in a pretty little ballerina outfit.  She was actually really photogenic, and had an adorable tilt of her head in some positions as shown below in these photos also taken in 2012.

Such a shame they are no longer producing these sweet little dolls.


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  1. These Corrolle dolls are adorable! They look good.
    Too bad they are no longer manufactured, but we still find them in many enthusiasts like you. Thank you
    Best regards
    Natasha - Moppetdolls


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