Monday 8 February 2021

New Dresses and Comparisons.

It is easy to see which colours are going to suit Oona Faith well.

She likes her new unicorn dress, just like many little girls probably would.

As promised, now for some comparison photos.

My Les Cheries Corolle Doll Clara,  with Paola Reina Doll, Oona Faith.

Clara's feet are slight longer than Oona Faith's feet.

Behind photo, which shows the difference in colour of their 'skin'.

Front photo, I think the Paola Reina doll has more pronounced 'features' such as her knees and little toe nails.  Interestingly the Paola Reina dolls have changed a bit since my original one that I bought in 2013 - picture shown below of a comparison photo I took then.

You can see the Paola Reina doll then was quite a bit shorter than the Les Cheries Corolle doll, plus she used to have a much more pronounced belly button.

I put a dress on Oona Faith, that I made back in 2013, it suits her really well.

This photo I took in 2013 when Clara was wearing it, and for some more comparisons I have posted another couple of photos of the dress being worn in 2013 by:

Cristi as she was called.

and my Sasha toddler.

I love it when you can make an outfit that fits more than one doll!


  1. I loooove that zig zag dress on Oona Faith... please keep her in that dress... Absolutely gorgeous!!! You're making me super Paola Reina broody :) xxx

  2. Great post and very interesting too. I love comparison photos and seeing different clothing on different doll brands. Oona Faith looks STUNNING in the zigzag dress x

  3. thanks for the body comparison photos! it's always helpful to see differnet type dolls together and which clothes/shoes they can wear.


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