Thursday 18 February 2021

An Unboxing

 I saw something that really piqued my interest the other day quite by accident, and well before you knew it I had pressed that BIN button and the packaged arrived safely this afternoon.

A cardboard box wrapped in black plastic

Within that box bubble wrapped was the actual box...

Beautifully illustrated box

First side


Other side

Opened up

He comes with a book, a bookmark - not pictured, some incense sticks (not that I like incense, but a nice touch) a stone necklace, and a little bag pouch which is currently behind his back.

A cheeky face.

Lots of detailing in the hands.

Cute little wrinkled knees

First photo outside before I removed his tag...

He couldn't wait to get out and explore!

Found a good rock to sit on

Peeping through the hole in the apple tree

Amongst the snowdrops.

Sitting up the Sycamore tree.

His name is Plim, but I think I am going to call him Leaf, after his description from inside the book (which has a photo and description of all the different dolls in the range)

PLIM (will to live, make the heart strong).  Joyful, mischievous, simple and spontaneous, they play around you and offer childhood magic, and the sweetness and innocence in their heart.  This is what Plim says:  I will make a hat with the leaves of a tree, I'll decorate your hair with multicoloured flowers, and I'll make you a  quartz necklace long to the chest, because this is where it has to be to melt in you and beats in unison with your heart.  You must remember that the most simple and natural things are the ones that make you happy and bring life to your heart.

With my love of nature combined with the beauty of my surroundings, I think he is going to make a fun travel companion.  He has a soft body and vinyl limbs and is quite light and at about 15 inches is not too big to carry around. 

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  1. LOVE him ❤️
    Can’t wait to read more about his adventures with you.


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