Tuesday 2 February 2021

A New Doll

Like many people probably I have been feeling a little down lately, although it is more because of knowing I can't visit my parents and probably won't be able to for sometime due to the world restrictions on travel etc...  This is pretty heartbreaking because my Dad is not at all well and I feel very worried.  So I thought I would get a little doll as a 'pick me up', but what to get was the question as I knew I couldn't justify spending much money.  So after chatting with a friend, who very much encouraged me, I decided to get myself a little Paola Reina doll with fun coloured hair!

 She arrived today which was unexpected as she wasn't due to arrive until next week.  

She was in a plastic bag loose in an Amazon box, no packaging round her which is a little bit disappointing.  The bag was ripped, but she wasn't damaged fortunately. 

She had a plastic wrapper and some elastic bands round her head and hair, a little label and a mirror and brush around her wrists.

Here she is with the head bands taken off.  Her clothes are really cute.

Such fun hair!

I also bought a couple of fun outfit sets for her to wear, that cost just under £6 and £7 each.

She tried on this set first as she couldn't wait to go outside to splash around in the puddles.

Love her hair!

Before long she was outside splashing around in the puddles.

Cute little doll, well made and at such a good price, well worth it.  Plus she will fit clothes that my Sasha toddler and Les Corolle dolls wear.

Now I just need to think of a name for her.  I am pretty hopeless at names recently!


  1. she's very pretty!
    I've also been looking at some of these dolls as I think they look very good value for money and there's quite a diversity of skin & hair colours - boys too ^^ However, the husband has already squirreled away my latest buy (for my birthday next week) - I know what's in the box lol. And can't wait to unbox my latest addition which will be a Sylvia Natter Minouche!

    1. Oh how exciting even if you do know what you are getting! I look forward to hearing more about her.

  2. Congratulations on your new doll! She is lovely. Is she the same height as the Corolle Les Cherry dolls or smaller?
    What about Una/Oona as a name? :)

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. She is slightly smaller than the Les Cheries Corolle dolls. I will do a comparison post hopefully in the next day or so. :) Cute name, I will have a think... I may be calling her Faith, but I like your suggestion.

  3. I do like these dolls. I have not seen one with colorful hair. She is a cutie. I think she can wear the same size clothing as the Little Darlings.


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