Thursday 25 February 2021

Unboxing Chloe

So another box opening... this time a Les Cheries Corolle doll.  Now I already had three of these little dolls that are quite special to me.  One my MIL gave to me for Christmas a few years ago, one I found in a New Zealand Charity Shop in 2019 which was fun, and one I was from a friend.  Out of curiosity I did a search the other day and discovered they are no longer producing this line of dolls.  They briefly changed them to 'ma cherie creation' but I don't think they really took off under this newer guise.  A shame as they used to have such lovely clothes when they first came out. Anyway I managed to find one on Amazon - but not by searching on Amazon, nothing came up!  Instead I found her on a google search that came up with an Amazon link.  There were only about three I think it was available so I decided to get her as I didn't have one with brown hair.  (I used to have one years ago, but sold her!  Haha, yes I have re-purchased the same doll, but not in such a lovely outfit as my other one had).  

In her box 

Back of the box

She was easy to take out of the box, although does have a mark round her neck where the string was.

There are little bits of fabric that you can attach to the dress

to make 'designer' outfits.  Obviously very much geared with children in mind.

However, the dress has that 'yukky' feel to it, I guess so the other 'bits' stick, and I couldn't wait to take it off her.  She DID come with underwear which was nice, as I have had two dolls arrive without recently.  She also has pink shoes.

She has a pretty little face with eyes that open and close.

She fits into Oona Faith's clothes and I love how these dolls can share clothes with other similar size dolls.

Next post I will show her with her 'sisters' and also with Oona Faith, my Paola Reina doll for comparison.



  1. She is a cutie. I did not know that the line had been discontinued. I like the outfit you put on her.

    1. I hadn't realised either that the line had been discontinued, such a shame as they are sweet little dolls.

  2. I’ve always like these dolls. This craft type outfit is an interesting concept. I wonder if kids had fun with it. Seems like their creations wouldn’t really stay put for long, and pieces would be lost.

    1. They are sweet dolls aren't they? It is an interesting concept, but like you I would imagine that the creations wouldn't stay put for very long at all, and yes easily lost!


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