Skipper Dolls

Over the years I have built up a small Skipper collection.  Skipper was my first 'Barbie' doll and I have to say I preferred her to Barbie.  There is something sweet and innocent about these early dolls.

My original Skipper is a 1069  Sunset Malibu Skipper (1973 - 1974) made in Korea.  She is currently awaiting an arm transplant!

  © 1967 Mattel Inc. U.S. Pat'd. U.S. Pats. Pend. Made in Korea

She has a suntan skin with long straight blonde hair, a fringe with twist waist, bend knees and would have come in a two piece orange swimsuit (plus blue towel & sunglasses)

She is wearing 8610 Yellow Maxi Dress from 1973.

Happy with her new arm!

I have two more Malibu Skippers

This one is wearing her original two piece swimsuit.

This one is wearing a one piece blue suit - I haven't been able to find any reference to this piece as of yet.

©1967 Mattel, Inc. 
U.S. Patd 
U.S. Pats.Pend 
Made in Korea

Sun Lovin' Malibu Skipper

Wearing Daisy Crazy

© Mattel, Inc. 

This Skipper has hair at the sides which pulls back to be clipped into a pony tail.

I think she is Sunsational Malibu Skipper from 1981 - 1982 

She is Marked:   © Mattel, Inc.  1967 Philippines 

This Skipper is one of the first Skippers, from 1964 and is number 0950   She has painted blue eyes, coral lips, straight titian (auburn) hair with a fringe and straight legs.  She would have come wearing a one piece red and white cotton swimsuit with a brass headband, red flat shoes, a black wire stand and a white brush and comb.

Next I have another  0950 Straight Leg Skipper from 1965  She has Brunette hair and is wearing a dress '1910 Sunny Pastels from 1965 - 1966

Marking:    © 1963 Mattel, Inc

This Skipper I believe is the lighter skinned 0950 Straight Leg Skipper from 1966 - 1968

Marking:    © 1963 Mattel, Inc

She is wearing '1909 Dreamtime from 1964 - 1965  The complete outfit is white with pink polka dots pyjamas (top & bottoms), pink flannel robe with cat appliqué on the pocket, a blue princess telephone, a red telephone directory, a blue felt cat and dark pink felt slippers.

Next up is my 1105 Twist N' Turn Skipper from 1969.  She has full centre part with two sausage curled pig tails hair do.  She has brown hair, rooted eyelashes and would have come wearing a one piece red orange checked with solid orange bottom swimsuit. and orange hair bows.

She is marked:  © 1967 Mattel, Inc.  U.S. Pat'd  U.S. Pats. Pend Made in Taiwan.

This Skipper is a newer doll.  She is just marked on her back above her waist  © Mattel, Inc. 1967

I believe she is a 'Great Shape Skipper' from around 1984

One of the more unusual and controversial Skippers is 'Growing Up Skipper' (Number 7259) who was marketed as 'Two Dolls in One for Twice as Much Fun'    By rotating her arm she grows taller and develops small breasts and thus transforms from a young girl to a teenager!  She was sold between 1975 and 1977 and also had a friend 'Growing Up Ginger'.  Included were outfits for both the girl and the teen versions.  My Growing Up Skipper is wearing her original outfit minus the shoes.  Her full outfit would have also included a red headband, blue scarf, red socks, red flat shoes, white platform wedge sandals, two red and white plaid skirts, one short (which mine has) and one long.

She is marked:  
© 1967 
Hong Kong 
U.S. & For. Pat.

Taller and 'more mature'

Growing up Ginger with Growing Up Skipper.

Not sure which Skipper this one is.

Original Clothing:

So far I have only been able to identify the dress which is:

9125 Best Buy (1976)  Green Dress.

The hat is from 1908 Skating Fun (1964 - 1966)

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  1. Skipper was my only 'barbie' doll too for the same reason as you. I think I got mine in 1964/5 long dark hair she came in a red swimsuit and a gold metal hairband that made the side of her head go green..😯 anyway I saved my pocket money for that doll and she was stolen from me by a naughty girl and I never got her back..and I didn't get another one either. I loved the dolly 😢


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