Thursday 27 April 2017

For Sale Page Updated

I am gradually putting dolls and accessories and other toys on my 'For Sale' page, not everything will have a price straight away and some I am open to offers, so please ask.  There will be quite an eclectic mix available!

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Madeline at the Bluebells Wood.

Yesterday Madeline was delighted to also get out to see the Bluebells. She had her new dress on which she thought would 'match' the colours well.

They were absolutely stunning, a bit earlier this year so we were glad we went.

Fortunately for Madeline she doesn't feel the was freezing!  Probably between 5 and 8 degrees Celsius!

She took a bit of time out to sit, enjoy and inhale the aroma.

Such pretty flowers

A very lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Tea for Two Tuesday

Afternoon tea is always nicer when you can share it with a friend.

Let me know how much milk you would like Lottie.  

That is enough thank you Madeline.

So how are things?  What have you been doing?

Shall we have some cake?

Monday 24 April 2017

Madeline on Monday

Madeline was in a bright and cheerful mood today.

It was the perfect morning to get on with a bit of cleaning...

She swept the living room until it was spic and span.

She baked some cookies for Afternoon Tea tomorrow.

Busy at the stove was sweet Madeline.

She smiles as she looks round her kitchen 

All bright and clean.

Some ironing is next

Not much to do.

Next she is spotted up in her room.

Lining things up, one by one.

Her favourite little toy is her wee tiny Kiwi, a little keep sake she bought in New Zealand.

With her orange dress on and a bright flame coloured Tulip, she had lots to smile about, the day was near perfect.

Sunday 23 April 2017

Happy St George's Day

Henry wishes everyone a Happy St George's Day and hopes no dragons need to be slayed today!

Saturday 22 April 2017

A New Photo Challenge and Madeline

I have joined in a fun photo challenge on Flickr 'Doll and Bear ABC Challenge 2017'

I will be posting photos each week of each letter on the page I have set up which can be found by clicking here or on the tab above.

The first two are:

A is for Apple, Alberto tries to explain to Alfie.

B is for Bench:
On a Bench in the garden, Brian is feeling Blue, but a Boy named Bobby comes along with his friends Betsy, Bernard Bear and Bare Baby Barney Bam Bam  as that will never do, they can't have Brian feeling Blue.

Brian:  My son's Waldorf doll made by my friend 26 years ago.
Betsy: Waldorf Inspired
Bobby:  Kidz n Cats 
Bernard Woolley: Bear
Baby Barney Bam Bam: Gregor baby.


A 'just because' photo of sweet Madeline all in green.

Mellow Yellow Threesome

Three more girls dressed in yellow, although Cora's dress in the middle looks white in these photos.

Three pretty maids.


Beautiful yellow eyed girl


Do you have to?  Sasha looks a bit put out by the photo taken.

I think this gorgeous girl will be one who will be looking for a new home sadly.  

This girl will be staying.

I think these are pretty much all the yellow dresses the girls have in their 'wardrobe'.  What colour next I wonder?  

This week, before the Sailor comes home, I am hoping to get ALL the dolls out to see who makes it onto the 'life-raft' and who doesn't.  I am not very good with parting with things, but needs must if I want to make progress.

Friday 21 April 2017

Fashion on Friday

These were knitted while I was in New Zealand - I haven't been able to do any knitting since returning as I seem to have done something to my right arm, possibly strained the tendons or muscles, anyway it hurts more than usual!  

I picked up some nice wool while away and had plenty of time to sit and knit in the evenings, so that is what I did.

These are all knitted with some beautiful New Zealand Wool and most are available to purchase - some are already in my Etsy Shop.  More photos showing the back are available on request should you be interested in purchasing.  Donny kindly offered to model the sweaters I made for the boys and Stevie modelled the girls cardigans for me.

This lovely patterned effect sweater is knitted using rare breeds, Arapawa fleece and is perfect for the boys.  It does up at the back for ease of dressing.  £16.00 plus postage

This sweater I am tempted to keep.  It was knitted with the same wool as the above sweater.

I love the 'real boy' look of this colour and pattern.

Lovely turquoise sweater, using 100% NZ Merino wool.  I am tempted to keep this one also.

I hadn't thought to team these two colours before, but those who know Stevie, knows how much she loves her purple and as such she didn't want to change her jeans for the modelling session.

Turquoise cardigan - also in my Etsy shop.    £15.00 plus postage

This is knitted with a lovely soft NZ wool which is a combination of Fine Merino, Brushtail possum and silk.  Available to purchase and also in my Etsy shop. £15.00 plus postage

Being a slightly bigger fit, it will also comfortably fit the larger Sasha girls (and indeed similar size Schoenhut dolls) and they can comfortably wear a t shirt or blouse underneath.

This one is made using a lovely NZ Merino, Alpaca and Possum mix.  


I bought some lovely wool home with me and I am looking forward to being able to knit again.  

I have tried sewing since I have been home - I made a little dress for Madeline - but this too was rather painful!  Goodness knows what is going on as normally I can manage to sew and knit!

Madeline was pleased it was made just in time for Easter!

Being yellow it also suits the yellow theme we currently have running here at Rose Cottage!

Thursday 20 April 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for the lovely weather we are having.

  Another bright sunny day dawned today and Alice and Weaver were out earlier in the garden - good thing they can't feel the cold!

They both chose pretty smocked yellow dresses to wear.

Alice found matching shoes for them both as well.

These lovely smocked dresses were made by Kath Barnett, a fellow Kiwi who lives in Australia.

You can't help but feel cheerful wearing yellow!

Helene, my crochet doll made by a friend in the USA is thankful for the apple blossom.

Plus the lush green growth around the pond.

Madeline is thankful for her 'new' green shoes, thanks to a charity shop porcelain doll who had no choice  let Madeline have them.  Madeline declares them a perfect fit and very comfortable.