Saturday, 22 April 2017

A New Photo Challenge and Madeline

I have joined in a fun photo challenge on Flickr 'Doll and Bear ABC Challenge 2017'

I will be posting photos each week of each letter on the page I have set up which can be found by clicking here or on the tab above.

The first two are:

A is for Apple, Alberto tries to explain to Alfie.

B is for Bench:
On a Bench in the garden, Brian is feeling Blue, but a Boy named Bobby comes along with his friends Betsy, Bernard Bear and Bare Baby Barney Bam Bam  as that will never do, they can't have Brian feeling Blue.

Brian:  My son's Waldorf doll made by my friend 26 years ago.
Betsy: Waldorf Inspired
Bobby:  Kidz n Cats 
Bernard Woolley: Bear
Baby Barney Bam Bam: Gregor baby.


A 'just because' photo of sweet Madeline all in green.


  1. I love that Irish dance dress! Is that one of Madeline's dresses originally? I remember her having an Irish theme once.

  2. A great beginning - only 24 more to go. Madeline looks like a cute little Celtic girl.

  3. Madeline looks like an Irish dancer in her green dress. I love your 'Doll and Bear Challenge' pictures, especially the B poem :)


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