Thursday, 20 April 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for the lovely weather we are having.

  Another bright sunny day dawned today and Alice and Weaver were out earlier in the garden - good thing they can't feel the cold!

They both chose pretty smocked yellow dresses to wear.

Alice found matching shoes for them both as well.

These lovely smocked dresses were made by Kath Barnett, a fellow Kiwi who lives in Australia.

You can't help but feel cheerful wearing yellow!

Helene, my crochet doll made by a friend in the USA is thankful for the apple blossom.

Plus the lush green growth around the pond.

Madeline is thankful for her 'new' green shoes, thanks to a charity shop porcelain doll who had no choice  let Madeline have them.  Madeline declares them a perfect fit and very comfortable.


  1. they are all so charming and springlike!!

  2. Those smocked dresses are superb. I'm so pleased Madeline has some shoes at last - I know what I battle you had trying to find some the right size. So funny that you found them on a charity shop doll after searching the internet.

  3. I love your lemon smocked dresses. Yellow can be a difficult colour to wear ( not my colour at all ) but you have it just right for your blonde girls. Reading how many doll owners find treasures for their dolls in charity shops, I think I'm going to have an afternoon around town as we have a dozen or more charity shops :)

  4. The yellow smocked dresses are perfect for spring and the smocking is beautiful. I think Madeline looks great in her green outfit. Too bad for the op shop doll!


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