Sunday 27 January 2019

Creative 2019 - Week Four


Dress for Sasha using some fun fabric I got for Christmas from a friend.

My beautiful Sophia is the first to wear it.


Shawl and Lyra hat (made Sunday evening) for my third little rag doll  Dorothy Apple. (made 2016)


Little dress for Ari doll, Ivy.


Underwear for Dorothy Apple - she has waited over two years for these!



Dress, cape and Lyra hat for Hitty Madge and the Winter's Frost challenge.



Travel Wrap of the little dolls



Pair of Kiwiana Shorts for Henry



Was an industrious day as I wanted to make my Raffle items for the 'Haggle and Gaggle' Sasha Day next week.

I made a denim coat for the boys which is modelled by Henry.
It has an overlarge pocket on the front as everyone knows boys like to collect things to put in their pockets.

It is fully lined, with fun dinosaur print cotton.

I made a raincoat for the girls.

This time modelled by Sophia

Pretty floral lining.



More coats!  This time one for Henry to keep, and one for Everlee Rose Morgan.

I bought the fabric I used for the lining in the USA when I went to Phoenix several years ago.  


So very pleased with my productive week.  

Four more days to keep up my make something Creative Every Day in January.  I have a few ideas of what I would like to make.  I want to make a pair of jeans for Henry with belt loops.  A couple more pairs of shorts possibly and at least one shirt/top.  Something new and different for him to wear when we go to New Zealand.  After that though I will have to put all my making on hold while I get things ready for when I am away.  As you can imagine with all this creativity, other far more mundane jobs have been neglected!  Ha ha.  But they need to be done as I want to make things easy for my husband while I am away as he will still have Percy's treatments happening and all the other things that need doing.   

That is not to say that there won't be any creative in February, as I do still hope to continue being creative this year.

Sunday 20 January 2019

Creative 2019 - Week Three

Although it wasn't my original intention, I am still managing to create at least one item a day for the month of January, and hoping I can continue along the same vein for the rest of the month.  

Monday: Cardigan for Sarah Alexandra  (plus finished my little rag doll - separate post)

Tuesday I knitted a little Shawl and Hat for Daphne, my little rag doll.

Wednesday:  Sweater for Henry

Thursday:  Cardigan for Peggy Sue

Friday: Cardigan for Pink Sindy & started Tunic Dress

Saturday:  Cardigan for Hitty Madge, although it is awaiting buttons

Finished an order for a tunic dress which was started on Friday.

Sunday:  Sweater for Lewis.

Saturday 19 January 2019

Henry Opens His Gift Box.

After a particularly stressful week worrying about Percy our little Chihuahua who has developed a serious autoimmune disease Meningeal Myelitis, Henry has finally had time to open his gift from the USA.

Gosh did this arrive while I was away?  He asks Peggy Sue.

It did Henry.  Peggy Sue told him.  We can't wait to see what is inside.

I can't either.  Henry says as he looks at the box, trying to guess what is inside.

Oh, look!  A little blackboard.  This will be useful.

He reads the letter.

Oh my own lunch box, just like Lewis has!  Only mine has Superman on it.  Cool.

Henry is very excited about his lunch box, and can't wait to have a picnic with it, later on in the year with Lewis.

This looks fun too.  They all look at the little hair salon.

Henry turns it round to show what is inside it.

What fun!  Such tiny people must visit this hair salon He says to the others.

Thank you Jeanna for my lovely gifts.  So thoughtful of you.  Really pleased to have a pencil my size as well.  I will be able to take notes, write letters, and much more so much easier now.