Sunday, 13 January 2019

Creative 2019 - Week Two

The sparks have been flying off my needles and a fair few other little items have been knitted. 

I started a mix n match wardrobe for Sindy.

I also knitted Sindy a little set consisting of a skirt, hat and jacket, using the last of some of my NZ wool bought back in 2015.

Moving on to Tressy

A new dress for Tressy

Plus a skirt

Which can go with a a couple of her knitted tops.
(I also made Sindy a skirt with the same fabric.)

So all in all a pretty productive week, averaging at least one, sometimes two items a day.

Edited to add:

I also made five Valentine's Day dresses for Sindy that are in my Etsy Shop.


  1. I love Sindy's boots and I love Tressy's dress. They photograph so well.
    Any news on Henry? I hope he is doing well.

    1. Thank you Dorothy. Henry is doing well and due home today so we all anxiously await his arrival.

      Will be posting soon hopefully!

  2. 👏👏👏 these are fab! The mix an' match idea increases a wardrobe 10 fold. Love the colour combinations too...clever lady 💚

    1. Thanks Mix n Match is such fun, and as you say makes the wardrobe so much bigger.


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