Tuesday 15 January 2019

Creative 2019 - A Little Rag Doll

A couple of years ago I made some little rag dolls, and wanted to make another and so I started on Saturday.  I had to reprint the pattern pieces as couldn't find them!  This time I have decided to do a journal for her, and any other rag dolls I might make.  I've also copied the pattern pieces into the journal in case I ever lose them again, I have them in the book.  

I stitched a little heart on her chest.

Undergarments - pantaloons first.

Camisole top next.

A little blue dress

With a reversible apron - forgot to take a photo of the other side which is the same pattern but in yellow.

Journalling about the process.

Fabric swatches

I'm not so good at the faces!

Her face 'disappears'. 

So I gave her 'lip stick'.

I think she is better with brighter lips - the camera recognises her face now.

The back of her hair.

With her three sisters.  For some reason she seems bigger!


  1. They are really special Lorraine. And what a great idea to do a journal to accompany them..😊

    1. Thank you Dawn. I'll have to do some post journalling for the dolls I'd already made, just to keep a note of them.

  2. So pretty Lorraine! I love these little dolls.

  3. She is so lovely, Lorraine! You and the Hitty girls are giving me the itch to make another tiny Ann Wood doll...I need to find out more about what is going on in the Hitty Knitty world.

    I assume you will be leaving for New Zealand soon. Safe travels. I will always remember your kindness in taking Jessie around the world with you! She still talks about it :-)



  4. So creative I love them all. Keeping a journal is a great idea I have never thought of that I think I may try it. All so precious!


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