Thursday 3 August 2023

Swallows Rest Diary: Part Six - Grandma Returns from her Travels.

Gladys hears a knocking at the door and wonders who can be there.

To her delight and surprise (despite the look on her face) it was Gerald's Mum Grace.

She was so pleased to see her and ushered her in.

She took her straight to the lounge....

...where Grandpa George was reclining on the settee, foot on table in what looked like a state of inebriation...

With a jump he got up

and tried to hide the bottle behind his back whilst Gerald tried to explain...

but Grandma wasn't fooled in the slightest!  

What is going on here?

Oh nothing dear...I wasn't drinking honest...I was just nursing it as I was missing you so much.

He gives her a big hug.

Grandma looks very pleased to see him, and returns the hug, realizing that he hadn't been drinking which was a relief.  She hated to think that he may have turned to drink in her absence.  

Timothy and Thomas rush downstairs to see her.

Both talking at once telling her all about how Grandpa had helped decorated the main bedroom, and move in some furniture.  

Thomas tells her about his castle and soldiers and Timothy about his Beatles records and the fact they now have a record player!  They ask her about her travels, although they were both talking so much that she really didn't get a chance to get a word in edgeways.

Gladys watches on with a bemused expression on her face.  

(and secretly relieved that Grandpa will be going home with Grandma)