Saturday 18 February 2017

We've Packed!

We've packed!

What do you mean, we have packed too much?

Do you think we have packed too much Madeline?

But we NEED everything we have packed!

Think again!  I can't take THREE cases inside mine.

We All Fit!

What's the problem?  We all fit!

Yes, but the case has to be closed AND I have to take my cameras as well you know.

I have a feeling I haven't heard the end of this!

Friday 17 February 2017

A Sunny Afternoon

Someone else was also spotted outside this afternoon soaking up some beautiful sunshine.


Loving this adventurous little girl who has such a lovely personality.

A Friend Comes to Play.

Madeline was delighted to have her friend PeeWee come round to play today.  They enjoyed a cup of tea (or rather hot chocolate!) while they discussed their day together.

Madeline took PeeWee up to see her horse and he was delighted to have a ride.  

They played with some toys and then as it was such a nice afternoon, decided to head out into the garden for a while.

The found some bulbs starting to grow and wonder what the flowers might be.

PeeWee shows Madeline how good he is at balancing by walking on the narrow edging.

Before they knew it, it was time for PeeWee to go home so they headed off inside for him to get his things together.

A very nice time was had indeed.


Wednesday 15 February 2017

The Different Faces of the Earlier Götz Dolls

On the Sasha Morgenthaler Facebook group, people are currently showing the different styles of the older/earlier Götz dolls.  

I currently have four girls and one boy in my collection:  Amber, Emily, Marcia, Liebe and Spencer.

All these photos have been shown before in various different posts.

First up is the delectable Amber - one of my very first Sasha dolls.


Next up is Emily, she is also one of my first Sasha dolls and arrived at the same time as Amber.  She is an adventurous girl, can be inclined to be slightly bossy at times, and has spent some time travelling with Henry in the past.


I have a lovely slate eyed girl - Liebe, who has been with me for quite a few years now as well.


Marcia is my 'no-nose' or 'button nose' girl.


Spencer is my only Götz boy and a very handsome one at that!


I used to have another Götz boy and I sold him a few years ago now...I wish I hadn't, as I hate parting with any of the boys and he was rather special, but hey ho, what is done is done.

I called him Jack.  I don't know where he is now, but hopefully he is still loved.  He would be welcome back here like a shot!


I had a few red haired Götz girls and they all left me a few years ago now.

This pretty yellow eyed girl


I had a slate eyed red head whom I called April


I also had a little button nose red head whom I called Saffron.


Plus a pale skinned blonde girl called Bethany

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

I probably won't have time today to do new photographs and scenes, so have chosen some from previous years....

2015:  Hitty Madge wishes everyone a Happy Valentine's Day

2014:  I ran a Valentines Day Swap

Posts can be seen here:


I also embarked on a Dozen Roses' for Hitty Madge project.

Sunday 12 February 2017

Summing up the Sewing & Knitting of the Week.

Quite a productive week on the knitting and sewing front.

A dress and yellow 'Mary Jane' shoes for Tui

Plus a navy pair of shoes.

A shawl and a hat for Hitty Madge

A new dress

I also finished this one that had been waiting quite some time for snaps to be sewn on.

Madeline of course got her two new swimsuits, which she was wearing in this post here.

A pretty summer dress

A dress with some of my left over variegated NZ wool.

Plus a purple lacy dress.

I also used the above pattern to make Little Miss a dress.

I knitted a little cardigan and hat for Poppy

It matches the dress I made a few weeks ago.

Lastly I made Peggy Sue a summer dress.  It seems ages since I did any sewing so it was good to have a some time on Saturday to do some, which is when I also made the dresses for Hitty Madge and Madeline shown above.

I doubt I will  have any time for sewing this week, but probably will be able to get some knitting done in the evenings.  I have a KAL I am joining in on and hoping to make a start on that tomorrow evening.