Sunday 12 February 2017

Summing up the Sewing & Knitting of the Week.

Quite a productive week on the knitting and sewing front.

A dress and yellow 'Mary Jane' shoes for Tui

Plus a navy pair of shoes.

A shawl and a hat for Hitty Madge

A new dress

I also finished this one that had been waiting quite some time for snaps to be sewn on.

Madeline of course got her two new swimsuits, which she was wearing in this post here.

A pretty summer dress

A dress with some of my left over variegated NZ wool.

Plus a purple lacy dress.

I also used the above pattern to make Little Miss a dress.

I knitted a little cardigan and hat for Poppy

It matches the dress I made a few weeks ago.

Lastly I made Peggy Sue a summer dress.  It seems ages since I did any sewing so it was good to have a some time on Saturday to do some, which is when I also made the dresses for Hitty Madge and Madeline shown above.

I doubt I will  have any time for sewing this week, but probably will be able to get some knitting done in the evenings.  I have a KAL I am joining in on and hoping to make a start on that tomorrow evening.


  1. You did all this in only one week? You're a machine! Each article of clothing is so very lovely and looks good on the dolls. My hat's off to you and your talents!

    1. Productive week only in terms of knitting - the weather was pretty miserable so not a lot else got done at all...hence the need to get on with things this week!

  2. They all look very pleased with their new clothing etc. I'd love to still be able to knit and sew for my Brood!

    1. They are always pleased to get new clothing, even if they only get to model it, they have fun.

      I am sure you miss knitting and sewing a lot.


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