Friday, 10 February 2017

Froggy Friends and Packing

Rory has been taking good care of his frog friends this winter

They have a nice temperature controlled environment that he checks regularly

Helped by his two advisers, the frogs are kept happy and safe.

They have everything they could need, food, shelter, water.

Rory enjoys his frogs very much indeed.

They keep him busy every day and he loves to spend time with them.



Your bookcase is looking good Peggy Sue.  Henry says.

Thank you Henry.  I am really pleased with it.  Peggy Sue tells him.  I can keep my books nice and tidy now.

Are you getting ready for our upcoming trip yet?  She asks Henry.

Henry sits down.  Well I have my camera ready.  He tells her.

I've been trying to think of what to take this year.  Peggy Sue says.  Mum says we are going to travel 'extra light' this year.  Not sure what she means by that!

Well I think she means we don't need to take so many clothes this year.  She said something about 'one on, one in the wash, and one spare'   which I guess makes sense....  Henry tells Peggy Sue.

But surely that won't be enough!  Peggy Sue says.  How will I narrow it down to just three items/sets of clothes???

I am sure you will work out something Peggy Sue.  Henry reassures her, while wondering himself, just how he is going to manage that as well!


  1. "One on, one in wash, one spare." Teach me your ways, Master. John (who tends to overpack)

    1. It is very easy to overpack! You have to think of all eventualities!

  2. "John (who tends to over pack)" - Boy, does he ever. He's the only one at the baggage carousel waiting for a steamer trunk.

    1. Ha ha, I have managed to streamline mine over the years - partly because I leave a load of clothes and shoes in NZ for each trip. That way I can bring home fabric and wool!

  3. I love traveling light...makes more room for the yarn and hooks and needles and.... :-)

    Have a great trip. Will you be posting any on your blogs while you are away? If not, it will seem like a long time to us!



    1. Exactly Beth! I like to bring home a load of gorgeous NZ wool and fabrics each year.

      Sadly I don't blog while away. There is no cell phone reception, nor internet at my Mum & Dad's and I don't tend to spend much time where there is.

  4. The frog enclosure is really cute. Have fun on your trip!

  5. Welcome back to NZ very soon! Take advantage of no reception of mobile devices - it could be very rewarding!

    1. Not long now! I will definitely be taking advantage of the no computer time that is for sure.

  6. Rory is certainly taking very good care of his Froggie Kingdom judging by the looks of how they are multiplying.
    Perry-Sue's bedroom is so realistic of how a little girl's room should be.

    1. Yes Rory's frogs do seem to be multiplying...I just hope we are home in time to clear the pond out to encourage some visitors to the one in the garden...

      I love Peggy Sue's bedroom...sadly it had to be dismantled today as the Sailor is due home on Sunday.


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