Monday, 6 February 2017

A Gathering of Friends.

For those who are wondering, don't worry I do have a more Sasha/Gregor orientated post to come...I just have to wait a few days to link to another post/blog.

In the meantime, Madeline had quite a full house yesterday afternoon as she had a load of friends come round to play.

Both floors were occupied and they kept themselves busy and entertained all afternoon..

I think this lively little girl was pretending it was summer!  Luckily we had the heating on so she didn't get cold.  

Like a good girl, she washes her hands after playing with the dogs.  The other two look to be in serious discussion about something interesting.

Poppy and Thomas only have eyes for each other, although Poppy does wish she could find some shoes that fit!

Meanwhile Madeline is enjoying the company of two like minded friends.

My friend's Heidi Plusczok and Heather Maciak dolls with my two little Heartstrings on the end.

It was fun to see these lovely little dolls together and close up that I have often admired from afar. 

Sorry for the quality of the photos - taken late afternoon when the light had disappeared!


  1. This was a cute post! Each doll fit in so beautifully and looks like it belonged at Madeline's house. And, there's that cute Thomas again...

  2. J'adore ce post. Je rêve de rencontrer "en vrai" des Heather maciak et des Heidi Plusczok ...Mais ma copine, c'est Madeline ;-)


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