Sunday, 5 February 2017

Fashion Friday on Sunday!

Goodness me, it is time for 'Fashion on Friday' already.  Where DID the week go? 

I realised I forgot to post this the last TWO Fridays, so here it is on a Sunday!

I've already shown the things I have made during the week for Madeline on this blog post here:  Madeline's Wardrobe.

I have also made some things for the Heartstrings dolls:

Sweater & Hat for my Heartstring doll Thomas.

A sweater & hat set for the Heartstrings dolls - which is now in my Etsy shop and can be found here

A sweater & hat set for a friend's Heartstring doll.

A burgandy sweater & hat set for Heartstrings doll knitted with pure 100% NZ Merino wool.

These sweaters also fit the Makies dolls as shown on Wren below.

A cardigan and hat for Poppy knitted with one of my favourite colour combinations of NZ wool.

A cardigan and sweater set made with a pure wool crepe yarn.

A warm hat and cape for Hitty Madge.

A cardigan for Wren.

As I forgot to post this, I will add the last weeks knitting and sewing projects to it.

I knitted a few 'Lyra' hats.

Hitty Moana shows off hers, and thinks it brings out the colour of her eyes.

Hitty Madge got a shawl as well with hers.

Madeline likes that hers matches her sweater.

I did a tiny bit of sewing...  three pairs of trousers for Madeline

These are her favourite!

A short sleeve cardigan which will also go with her dress and hat set that I made the other week.

I also made her blue apron she was wearing yesterday.

I offered to test knit a pattern for a lady on a group I belong to.

The first stages...


Modelled by Saige.

This was a very clear and well written pattern.

There is a hat to go with it, which I will start tonight.

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