Thursday 30 September 2021

What best to do on a blustery afternoon?

On this blustery, and definitely colder afternoon, Wren chooses some music to listen to.

She selects some of her favourite music and...

Sits back with her fit up to relax.

Elsewhere, some of the Friends are getting changed into Autumn wear.

My (still no name) Iplehouse BJD has chosen jeans and a sweater.

Miss No Name Not Supposed to be a Fakey Blythe has a similar colour top on teamed with a straight skirt and boots.

Helen Blythe very much likes the outfit she has chosen, especially as it has long sleeves.

Kiwi Sindy looking swish as teamed her outfit with some stylish boots.

Little Nancy is wearing the lovely dress gifted to her by Bella's Doll Clothes earlier this year and has teamed it with a little cardigan I knitted a few years ago.

The Five Friends all ready for the cooler days and nicely colour co-ordinated.


Tuesday 28 September 2021

FOR SALE: Dresses for Makie Dolls

These will be the only dresses I make using these types of fabrics.  One of each for Makie dolls, and there will also be one of each to fit the Sindy dolls (slightly longer skirts)

Each dress is £12 including postage in the UK.  Anywhere else I will have to find out the postage cost and adjust accordingly.  

1:  Orange with black hats.

2:  Orange with black and white cats.

3:  Orange with black cat heads.

4:  Black with blue hats

5:  Black with spiders

6:  White with black skeletons.


Monday 27 September 2021

Postcard Swap - Wren posts her first three cards.

Wren has been writing the first of her postcards she is sending to her Makie friends around the world.

She chooses the first one and writes it.

She has decided on this one for the second card,

and this one for the third.

Cards all written and ready to post.

She posted the cards this morning and hopes they don't take too long to get to her Makie friends.


Friday 24 September 2021

Wren Opens some Mini Brand Toys & Groceries.

Wren has some Mini Brands Groceries and Toys to unwrap.

She wonders which one she should start with.

Of course she chose the toys!

Once the first two outer layers are removed there are segments to open.

She shows one of the toys that was inside - a Sponge Bob toy.

Here are the rest of the toys, and the silly size shopping trolley that doesn't even fit the toys inside it!

She opened the grocery Mini Brands ball next, but for some reason I forgot to take photos!

This was what was inside.  The scales aren't the best.  Take the Love Hearts sweets for example, that are bigger than the can of soup!  Fortunately with a variety of different size dolls, they will work with different scales.  

To see some more toys and the various scales I've uploaded a video here:


Friday 17 September 2021

Wandering with Wren - Sandown Beach

Wren would like to take you for a wander along Sandown Beach today...

Come stroll with her down to the sea front.

Yes this way.

There are little streams of sea water

Watching the small rolling waves.

Looking at the cliff faces in the distance

Hi there!

Have a little sit down on the sand.