Thursday 16 September 2021

Wandering with Wren - The Needles

Wren had an absolutely lovely day today wandering around The Needles.  

Come for a wander with Wren to see what she saw.

She walked all the way to the tip 

Stopping along the way to admire the view.

When she got there she climbed the wire for a better look.


She admired the view for quite some time.

Of course she also posed for some photos as well.

Inside the guard house

Hello is anyone there?

She climbed down the stairs, walked through the tunnels to where the search light was

There was a some interesting things to look at and climb on.

Can you see Wren?

About to go back through the tunnel.

Back outside she read up about the guns.

The Lighthouse Bug Hotel.

She learnt about the living conditions of the soldiers.

Explored the gunpowder rooms.

Went into the laboratory 


It was all very interesting and educational.

What does this do?

It is the old winch for the gate.

On the way back down, more stunning views.

What an amazing day Wren had.


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