Monday 27 September 2021

Postcard Swap - Wren posts her first three cards.

Wren has been writing the first of her postcards she is sending to her Makie friends around the world.

She chooses the first one and writes it.

She has decided on this one for the second card,

and this one for the third.

Cards all written and ready to post.

She posted the cards this morning and hopes they don't take too long to get to her Makie friends.



  1. It's nice that there is still a community of Makie owners. I see Wren also has her new toys on display.

    1. It is. I am trying to encourage Makie owners to be a bit more active. They are such wonderful little dolls, I'd almost forgotten how versatile they were and how easy they are to take out, pose etc...

      Yes she is quite pleased with her new toys. I'm hoping to set up a little 'toy shop' for her at some stage.


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