Wednesday 26 July 2023

Swallows Rest Diary: Part Five - A Vintage Triang Dolls House No. 55 from 1963

It seems Gerald has joined his Dad in the lounge which has had a bit of a change around with the arrival of a radiogram record player. I hope he doesn't partake of the whiskey that Grandpa is clutching firmly in his hands.

I hope Gladys doesn't come in and see him with his foot on the table!  She will not be happy.

I think Timothy has been playing his Beatles albums

He clearly forgot to put them away!

(New made items - records)

Looks like Timothy is playing air drums, whilst Thomas is still enjoying his castle.

No change in the bathroom.

A few extra jars of jam, some crocks and tins have been made for the kitchen.

A new table and chairs for the dining room which fits the family much better.

Nice home baked pie.

(Newly made pie.  Still don't have any crockery and cutlery!)


Saturday 8 July 2023

Swallows Rest Diary: Part Four - A Vintage Triang Dolls House No. 55 from 1963

Swallows Rest is coming along nicely and all the rooms have been wallpapered now.

Gladys and Gerald's bedroom even has a new carpet and they are very pleased.  
Homemade: bed, mattress sheets and covers, carpet.
Extras needed are: a quilt for the bed, items for the dressing table and drawers and a picture or two on the walls.

Timothy and Thomas are pleased with their room and Timothy can't wait to be allowed to stick his posters back on the wall.  Thomas loves his fort and toy soldiers.
Homemade:  Bedding, fort and soldiers
Items needed:  Toys! Apparently ;)  Oh and a record player Timothy insists...although that will go in the lounge.

The bathroom has had a bit of a change with a new blue bathroom suite installed.  
Homemade:  Towel rail and towels and floor mats, toilet roll & holder.

Items needed:  Bathroom accessories.

Oops, looks like Gerald's Dad has been at the ol' whiskey!
Homemade: Bookcase, books, coffee table, fireplace surround and mantel, lamp, pictures.
Items needed:  Books and ornaments and a record player.

Gerald is ready to carve the roast for dinner.  They have just taken possession of a new dining table and chairs since this photo was taken.
Items needed:  Telephone and phone book for telephone table.
Place settings - crockery and cutlery etc.

The kitchen is looking good.  
Homemade: baskets, bread, wall shelving, plate rack, towel rail, dresser, window, clock, jam jars on dresser.
Items needed:  Crockery and food!

Gladys has been busy baking and cooking all day!


Tuesday 4 July 2023

Happy 4th July

Peggy Sue and friends would like to wish our USA friends a Happy 4th July.

These four girls all came from the USA, so they like to remember their heritage and USA cousins.

From left to right we have:  Nancy Storybook Doll (NASB)  A Very Independent Lady
Hitty Moana (Carved in USA by Bruce and dressed by Fung Hicks with NZ Kauri)
and another NASB No. 193 July.

Peggy Sue has dressed herself in an outfit that she got from the USA.

Have a wonderful day!