Wednesday 30 October 2019

Halloween Preparations.

The last couple of days I've been decorating a shelf for Halloween.

All the little ones have been gathering.

It is starting to look really atmospheric.

Sunday 27 October 2019

Creative Week 25

Another Creative Week is over and I have made quite a few things, knitting, sewing, crochet and even some wood carving.

I added socks to Lewis' Sweater and Cap set.

Already shown are the two sweaters I knitted for Dennis AM.

Some pumpkins

A blanket for Clipper's bed as it is getting much colder.

Some TRD knitting:

Some TRD sewing:

I also made three witches' hats for the TRDs or other small dolls, one of which is on its way to a friend.

I also did some work on Hitty WIP who has been in the works for quite a long time now!

Still quite a bit of work to be done on her yet, but she is getting there.

Saturday 26 October 2019

Something Orange in the Pumpkin Patch!

Peggy Sue had a bit of a shock today when she went down to the pumpkin patch.

She couldn't quite believe her eyes.

Who or what was the strange creature that seemed to appear from the pumpkins

Bright orange and toothy was he!

Who are you strange creature and what are you doing here?

I am not sure she was convinced...

Henry on the other hand, was quite happy to pose with Fanta Fuggler.  

Fanta came to visit today with my friend.  Peggy Sue is relieved he didn't stay, Henry thought he was kind of cool!

Friday 25 October 2019

Dennis the Man

Well it seems Dennis it is....I am not sure where this name came from, but that is the name that seems to keep coming into my head when I either look at him or try to think of other names for this Action Man.  I came up with quite a few other names as well!  

I knitted him another sweater last night, from a vintage pattern of mine that originally sold for 8 pence!  I changed the back slightly so it had a placket opening which seemed preferable to what the pattern was suggesting which didn't quite make sense.  I'm pleased with the way this knitted up. 

I love it when I find a doll in a Charity Shop for a mere £1.50. Not only do I not feel guilty about 'spending money on a doll'  I think in some ways they are more 'rescue' them, clean them up and dress them, wholly more satisfying than getting a doll that is already 'A Okay'.  Not that there is anything wrong in getting one like that.  

Thursday 24 October 2019

Vintage Palitoy Action Man

I've been wanting a Vintage Palitoy Action Man for a long time... why?  Who knows?  I just have.  So imagine my delight when I saw a bundle of action men dolls on the shelf in the local charity shop....although admittedly I wasn't expecting much, when languishing behind the box they were in was a fabulous guy from the sixties.  He was missing his hands and didn't have any clothes, but he was definitely coming home with me!

No hands, but still has his hand pegs.

I think for an Action Man he has rather a pleasant face.  

Someone made the comment that they 'based Daniel Craig' on Action Man!  Hahaha 

I discovered you could get hands on Evilbay, so I ordered a set for him and got knitting.

Using a vintage pattern, I knitted this green sweater, which is definitely needed at the moment as the weather is rather unpleasant. His hands arrived today and I finished his sweater last night.

Just got to think of a suitable name for him now.  Dennis and Frank are currently in the running...

Sunday 20 October 2019

Creative Week 24

My List for this week was:

Autumnal knit dress for Hazel  -  þ 

An Autumnal dress for Madeline -  þ 

I want to work on my TRD Journal, as this is way behind. -   þ 

Knit a pink top for one of the TRDs. -  þ 

Knit something for the Sasha/Gregor/Schoenhut dolls, if so inspired. -  þ 

I will try and stick to this list to start with, and then once I have achieved this, might deviate... we will see!

The little pink top for Fuchsia Fairweather was knitted.

Madeline got her new Autumnal dress.

Hazel got hers.

I knitted a cardigan and cap to fit Schoenut/Gregor boys.  Lewis as always makes a fabulous model.

I think I might make some blue socks with red stripes to go with this little set.

Peggy Sue got a 'LBD'.  I am going to make a few accessories this coming week to make it more 'Halloweenish'.  

Clipper got a bed cover and pillow

Hitty Madge made up her Recipe Card box she received in the Recipe Card Swap she took part in.

A little book was made

Miss Edie Brooks got a 'LBD'. 

An apron for Hitty Madge which she needed after we had made up the Recipe Card Box.

A wonderful selection of recipes now. 

A little book 

I made Clipper a new skirt to go with her her 'Mix n Match' wardrobe.

I have also managed to do quite a few pages in my Tiny Rag Doll Journal, so almost up to date now.