Sunday, 6 October 2019

Creative Week 22

My creative week was going really well until Thursday night, when I wrenched my shoulder lifting it up as I was knitting to loosen some more yarn off the ball.  So now I am on enforced rest, which is really frustrating.

I achieved my aim of knitting at least one larger doll set.  I made another set for Gregor/Schoenhut boys, this time in a lighter brown.  This set is ready to purchase if anyone is interested and consists of Cardigan, Cap and Variegated Socks.

Henry and Lewis model the set to show the fit.  They are both 16 inches tall.


I have made quite a few tiny clothes, adding to Clipper's Mix n Match Wardrobe.

A reversible apron with pockets that match her two dresses.

A couple of skirts

Some more shawls, definitely needed now it is getting colder.

A little crochet top which led to me making a skirt to match...

and then a little felt jacket...

...and a new pair of boots to match the jacket - because you just have to you know.

Love this set on her, and really pleased with how it turned out.  I am enjoying Clipper very much and have all sorts of ideas for her.

I sewed some more doll bodies and limbs together, so now they are waiting patiently for features and wigs.

Clipper announced she needed a red jacket, and as I couldn't knit but could manage a little gentle hand sewing I made this for her.  Not quite sure how I am going to incorporate it into her Mix n Match wardrobe, but she did point out to me it has green stitching and a green button.  I have (I hope) an oak leaf button SOMEWHERE safe, that I would like to sew on to the jacket.  If I can't find that I might embroider either a leaf or a flower on to it instead.

A blue dress for one of the other TRDs who are currently being made.

A pumpkin, this time a lighter green.

A green dress for Martha. 


So another wonderfully productive week.

Coming soon...

I have decided that I really do need to downsize more of my dolls and props, so hoping to list quite a few this coming week.  They will be good prices as they need to go asap. Plus the quicker they go, the less I have to dwell on the parting with them!

I am also negotiable on all the items on my For Sale page, so please do ask if anyone is interested in anything.


  1. I am sorry that you are injured. I hope that rest will speed your recovery.

    Clipper is quite the fashion icon.

    I love the blue dress you knitted for one of the other dolls.

    And, as always, Martha looks adorable.

    1. I'm sure the shoulder will be fine soon, it is already feeling a lot better.

      Clipper is certainly becoming a fashion icon! She has all sorts of ideas for what she wants.

      I forgot to update Martha's 100 page yesterday, so hope to do that today.

      Once one of the new dolls has her features I will put the blue dress on her :)


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