Monday 23 January 2023

Wandering with Wren at Shanklin Beach

Wren enjoys a wander at Shanklin Beach today.

There are some commemorative plaques that have some interesting historical information on them

She shows the other one too.

Sitting and watching the sea


A lovely day was had.

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Sunday 22 January 2023

Wandering with Wren - Freshwater Bay

Wren enjoyed a lovely wander along Freshwater Bay on Saturday afternoon.

She enjoyed sitting on the beach quietly contemplating to the sound of the sea lapping the shore.

Staring out to sea.

Some more sitting...


Friday 20 January 2023

Wandering with Wren - Life in Miniature Dolls' Houses

Yesterday Wren wandered over to Ryde to see a Dolls' House exhibition of one lady's collection.

A little note about the collection.  
There were also sheets to read about each house which was really interesting.

Wren was amazed at all the detail in these little houses.

Such a lot of work went into them.

This was unique!

She loved the toy shop.

and the sewing and wool shop.

These was a fun house too.

I liked this older style house, it has a certain charm.

Wren really enjoyed these houses and hopes that we have got some inspiration to work on ours at some stage.