Monday 22 June 2020

Blue Monday

Blue Monday is brought to you by the delightful Clara my 16/301 Schoenhut.

She was out early hoping for a blue sky and she got one!

We have had the most delightful day. 

I do think though she needs to swap her ribbon for a blue one, but she insisted on keeping the red one for now! 

Sunday 21 June 2020

Sunday Summary

Well some of the news is that I started a new Sasha blog - a fresh approach which I am quite excited about.

I've re-vamped my old Etsy Shop and launched the opening this afternoon for the sale of my bears.  The shop 'Kiwi Wight Creations' has the first of my Kiwi Wight Bears listed.  It is still a work in progress.

I have listed my new Sasha summer dresses with little cardigans on my new Sasha blog 'Sasha Haven'   I also listed some Gregor clothing.

During the week I had a new arrival...

It took about a month to arrive, but I was expecting it to take a while.

Ooh I love unwrapping new packages.

A fox!

I've been wanting a Philomena Kloss Bear for a while, and in the end decided on a fox as that is something I am not likely to make myself

Howard welcomes him.

Meet Frank Fox.

His tail sticks out the back of his trousers.

I took him out exploring

He helped leave a painted rock.

My brown bear now has a name - Bramble Brown Bear.

I took a couple of new photos.

He helped me make some Gooseberry Jam.

Enjoyed a walk.

Best of all he is a really good cuddler!

Howard helped me leave a rock during the week, which was gone a couple of days later when I next walked that way.

Friday 19 June 2020

Sasha Haven - A New Sasha Blog

After a lot of thinking the last few months during the Covid-19 Lockdown I have decided to start a new purely Sasha & Gregor blog (although Peggy Sue, as an honorary Sasha might sometimes appear as well as Rory and Henry's older brothers Hamish and Bobby).   I needed a fresh new start and am hoping this is just the motivation I need.  I will still continue this blog, but it will feature my eclectic interests in other dolls, bears etc... 

You can find 'Sasha Haven' here: Please subscribe or follow to keep up to date with new posts. 

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Henry's Garden Tour

Come on a tour of our garden

Off we go

There are lots of trees in our garden for me to climb and sit in.  This one is a Mulberry Tree.

It has tiny fruit starting to form on it.

We have four raised vegetable beds.  This one has a lot of salad leaves in it, as well as chard, peas and tomatoes.  We have salad every day for lunch and chard and spinach for dinner.

This bed has our beans growing in it.

They are starting to flower which is exciting.

It also has some Kale and Onions.

Over here we have a courgette plant flowering and several little courgettes growing.

Oh dear what has happened here?

Something, as yet unidentified has been eating our other Kale and Brassica plants.  Grrr..

Yummy raspberries.  We have been picking a few of these each day.

Gooseberries.  Mum has already made two batches of jam with these, looks like we need to pick some more!

Into the orchard, we have a lot of apple and other fruit trees.

All great for climbing as well!

A pear tree.

This side we have potatoes, peas and onions.

The peas are growing nicely.

We have a little vineyard...trouble is they are wine grapes and Mum doesn't drink wine and we are not really sure what we should be doing with them, so they are currently growing wild!

A lovely big fig tree.

Down the steps...

We discovered these and uncovered them a month or so after moving in.

A plum tree

Looking forward to these.

Strawberries - that need a better cover over them as they keep getting eaten by critters.  It is a constant battle here against badgers and other wildlife.

Our lovely pond, so peaceful and relaxing.

With its beautiful water lilies.

Although the fish seem to have also gone missing - we have seen a heron around here, so we may need to cover it eventually if we have to get more fish.

Of course there is the sea view which is a delight.  We can also 'spot ships' that sail past daily.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour.

We are thinking of re-instating our original Sasha/Gregor blog, with perhaps a name change to reflect we now live on an Island and also to give Mum some focus!  Ha ha, hopefully you might get to see more of us Gregor and Sasha friends that way.