My Childhood Dolls

Palitoy Walk & Talk - Linda & Palitoy Katy Kopycat

Picture of me with Linda.

Palitoy Tressy - Brunette (Replacement as mine got lost on a house move)




Pippa & Tammie

Sindy (Replacement as mine was given away when I was a teenager)


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Lorraine. I enjoyed sharing this part of your childhood.

    1. You are welcome. It isn't finished - there aren't more dolls, but a couple of soft toys I would quite like to add and I want to update the dolls with a bit more information so do check back at some stage ;-) Poor Skipper now has a new hand thankfully for example ;-)

  2. As a child I had a few baby dolls like tiny tears, but not tiny tears. I had a Barbie/Sindy like doll, but not a real one. I even had a blonde Sasha like doll who walked when you held her arm a tilted her forwards. She even wore a maxi dress similar to the Sasha dark green one, but hers was light purple and she came with the name Anne written on her box. There was once even a doll advertised on Kelloggs Cornflakes called Kelly, I had a like one of her whom I named Kelly. I gave them all away when I was a teenager :(

  3. I love visiting Rose Cottage.😊

  4. Unfortunately I don't have any of my childhood dolls left..with my step dad being in the RAF stuff got giveno off at every move. Toys that were left at my Gran's were outed too etc. Any toys I grew out of in my teenage years got given to my 2 young sisters. I had some beautiful things too. Tri-ang dolls house. .Silvercross dolls pramade and pushchair lots of dolls which are now collectable 1st edition Tressy and outfits too many to mention without me crying my eyes out wanting them back 😨


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