Saturday 22 June 2019

Creative Week Eight

I've wanted to make a complete set from one of my vintage knitting patterns for a while, and this week I managed to do so.  The pattern was 'Sindy Holiday Outfit' by Emu, number 6691.  I used one of my lovely new Naturually Waikiwi wools that I bought while in NZ to knit the dress.

This is the pattern.  I did think about knitting it in very similar colours, but wanted to use the yellowy yarn for the dress.

I'm really pleased with how the set knitted up.  

Kiwi Sindy is pretty pleased as well, she is just hoping we actually get a summer in which she can wear it!


Two more little dresses were knitted, but can't show those yet.


I made some more dresses for my Etsy Shop, and of course duplicate ones for my own dolls.

This little dress went into my Etsy shop and I was thrilled when it sold the very next day, and is now on its way to Singapore - exciting!

This little dress is currently in my Etsy Shop.

Below are the two dresses I kept for my girls.  As I try not to repeat using the same fabric for the same dress, I have started making two of each so that I can keep one, and sell one.  Having not got copies of some of the clothing I have made in the past, I thought it would be nice to have one for my own dolls as well.



I made a little flowery denim skirt for Kiwi Sindy.


Due to the rather wet summer we have been having, we thought it prudent to make Kiwi Sindy a raincoat.

This is my first prototype, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.


I have prepared four little rag dolls to work on in the evenings.


Lastly I have knitted a little Duffle Coat for Kiwi Sindy, again a reflection of the type of weather we are having!

Sunday 16 June 2019

Gregor Shorts for Sale

I've just set up a new page for Gregor and Sasha Clothing For Sale 

Postage in the UK or Europe depends on the weight of the item Elsewhere price depends on whereabouts in the World, please email for cost.  I only charge for postage, not packaging.

I am more negotiable for those willing to pay as 'Family/Friends'.  I will always send recorded delivery to protect both myself and the buyer.  I am also open to selling as bundles/multiples and will be open to offers to those buying several items.

If you are interested in purchasing any items please email me:

lorraine(@) (removing the brackets)

Kiwiana Shorts for the Boys.

All raw edges overlocked/serged.  Elasticated Waist.

All NZ Shorts £8.00 plus postage (although discounts offered as above) 

1.  Green Koru

2:  Floral and Fauna

3:  NZ Postage Stamps

4:  Black NZ Fern

5:  Brown NZ Fern

6: Brown Koru

7:  Green, Cream & Black Koru

8: Black NZ Maori Design

9:  John Deere Tractors £7.00

10:  The Tool Box  £7.00

Saturday 15 June 2019

Creative 2019 - Week Seven

I last did a 'Creative 2019' back in February just before I left for NZ, having reached week six of continuous creativity.  Whilst I have been creative since, I haven't blogged about it apart from to show the dolls I made while in NZ.  So I am getting back into doing a weekly post to show what I have been doing creatively.

My friend Dawn designed a fun little pattern for Tiny Rag dolls and asked me to test knit the patter which I was absolutely delighted to do.  It is an easy to follow fun knit and you can make a little dress quite quickly which I like.  You can find the pattern on Ravelry here:  Cap Sleeved Dress for Tiny Rag Dolls

The first one I knitted was for my blue haired tiny rag doll, who is yet to have a name.

Next one for this little girl, again waiting on a name.

The third for 'Renee'.

The first three dresses together.

Gladys received the next dress.

And then there were four!

I knitted this one for Nancy, but felt she looked to washed out in it

So Barbara got it instead.

For Rose I knitted a little blue dress to go with her shoes.

All my eight tiny rag dolls I made in NZ now have closed.  Thelma and Shirley, on the left already had clothing made for them, although I will make both of them one of these dresses as well, to add to their individual wardrobes.

Because the pink didn't suit Nancy I thought I would try the dark grey and I was pleased with how that looked on her.  I think it could be dressed up a bit with a little bit of jewellery and a small shrug type cardigan.

Dawn also wrote a pattern for Hitty and AG dolls, which can be found here: Cap Sleeved Dress for Hitty and Mini AG dolls , so I tried that as well.

The first one I tried on 'Tiny Dawn' a Tiny Betsy doll as she doesn't have many clothes, and I love this on her.

I knitted one for Roshni, my Madame Alexander Travel Friend Doll.

Last night I wanted to make a dress for Anka my Polish Doll

I tried it on her, but wasn't convinced.  I think it needs to be a bit smaller across her shoulders and a bit shorter in length so will knit her another.

So I tried it on Poppy, my Heartstrings doll, and love it on her.

Lastly I knitted one for little Eva, my Baboliy doll that my friend Sharlyn gave me last year.  Love this on her!


I've also done a little sewing to add to my Etsy Shop which can be found here: Muriel Makes  The dresses can be purchased either via my blog, or my shop.

This one is a pretty liberty style floral print and has a lined bodice.  
Perfect for the summer if we get one!

This one is another liberty style print and oh so summery.  

Each dress is £8.50 each plus postage.

I tend to only make two of each type of dress print wise, one to keep and one to sell, so the dresses aren't made en masse, and pretty much original - there won't very often be duplicates.

Quite pleased with my productive week.  Makes me realise I did actually achieve quite a lot, even when I thought I hadn't!