Thursday, 13 June 2019

For Sale: Sindy Dolls

I'm selling some of my Sindy dolls. 

First up we have 'Smirky Sindy'  She is in good condition for her age, although her body is a different colour to her limbs.  Not sure if they were all like this, or it has discoloured with age.  Her hair is slightly dry at the ends and uneven, this could be tidied up or left.  I believe it is her original cut, but not absolutely sure.  She has straight unbendable legs, cute little knees and toes!  

£15.00 plus postage


Second is a lovely Brunette Sindy with vibrant face paint.  Her legs bend, but only click once. She has the odd slight mark on her body conducive to age and play.  Her hair is lovely, perhaps a tad dry at the ends if I'm being really critical. She looks like she is missing a plug at the front, but on close inspection, it doesn't look like this was ever filled, so she may have been like this from the factory.£20.00 plus postage  SOLD


Third is the less often seen June, Sindy's Friend.  She has a very pretty face. She is of more solid construction than the other dolls.  She has lovely little toes and fingers.  Unfortunately she does have a split between her legs, but I think this could be repaired with the right glue and clamp for someone who knows what they are doing!   She has slight blue spots on the top of her left shoulder and left thigh.  These may come out with some Oxy 10 and sunshine (if we get any this summer!)  

£20.00 plus postage SOLD

My contact details are on my 'Dolls for Sale' page found by clicking here

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