Saturday, 15 June 2019

Creative 2019 - Week Seven

I last did a 'Creative 2019' back in February just before I left for NZ, having reached week six of continuous creativity.  Whilst I have been creative since, I haven't blogged about it apart from to show the dolls I made while in NZ.  So I am getting back into doing a weekly post to show what I have been doing creatively.

My friend Dawn designed a fun little pattern for Tiny Rag dolls and asked me to test knit the patter which I was absolutely delighted to do.  It is an easy to follow fun knit and you can make a little dress quite quickly which I like.  You can find the pattern on Ravelry here:  Cap Sleeved Dress for Tiny Rag Dolls

The first one I knitted was for my blue haired tiny rag doll, who is yet to have a name.

Next one for this little girl, again waiting on a name.

The third for 'Renee'.

The first three dresses together.

Gladys received the next dress.

And then there were four!

I knitted this one for Nancy, but felt she looked to washed out in it

So Barbara got it instead.

For Rose I knitted a little blue dress to go with her shoes.

All my eight tiny rag dolls I made in NZ now have closed.  Thelma and Shirley, on the left already had clothing made for them, although I will make both of them one of these dresses as well, to add to their individual wardrobes.

Because the pink didn't suit Nancy I thought I would try the dark grey and I was pleased with how that looked on her.  I think it could be dressed up a bit with a little bit of jewellery and a small shrug type cardigan.

Dawn also wrote a pattern for Hitty and AG dolls, which can be found here: Cap Sleeved Dress for Hitty and Mini AG dolls , so I tried that as well.

The first one I tried on 'Tiny Dawn' a Tiny Betsy doll as she doesn't have many clothes, and I love this on her.

I knitted one for Roshni, my Madame Alexander Travel Friend Doll.

Last night I wanted to make a dress for Anka my Polish Doll

I tried it on her, but wasn't convinced.  I think it needs to be a bit smaller across her shoulders and a bit shorter in length so will knit her another.

So I tried it on Poppy, my Heartstrings doll, and love it on her.

Lastly I knitted one for little Eva, my Baboliy doll that my friend Sharlyn gave me last year.  Love this on her!


I've also done a little sewing to add to my Etsy Shop which can be found here: Muriel Makes  The dresses can be purchased either via my blog, or my shop.

This one is a pretty liberty style floral print and has a lined bodice.  
Perfect for the summer if we get one!

This one is another liberty style print and oh so summery.  

Each dress is £8.50 each plus postage.

I tend to only make two of each type of dress print wise, one to keep and one to sell, so the dresses aren't made en masse, and pretty much original - there won't very often be duplicates.

Quite pleased with my productive week.  Makes me realise I did actually achieve quite a lot, even when I thought I hadn't!


  1. Wow, the dresses are lovely. You accomplished a ton of work.
    I think my favorite dress is the one that Poppy is wearing. I like the Liberty Prints also.

    1. Thank you Dorothy, it was surprising actually! They are quite a quick knit so I can do two in an evening while sitting relaxing.


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