Sunday, 2 June 2019

My New Zealand Finds and Creations.

While in New Zealand I managed to find some real bargains in some Op shops - our equivalent of Charity Shops.  I am pleased with these purchases, as they were little very cheap treats for me while there.

This is the first doll I found, a Les Cheries Corolle doll whom I believe is Camille.  Here she is just after I found her.  We are sitting at the beach having some lunch.

Of course I couldn't leave her in the dress she was in so I knitted her this sweet dress with some wool my friend gave me that she had left over from making her socks.

She cleaned up beautifully and will be a friend for Clara,  my other little Les Cheries doll I have that my MIL bought m for Christmas one year.

On our way home from Rotorua we had to unexpectedly stay the night in Huntly, which was absolutely awful.  A not especially nice hotel with a room right on the street front, so you couldn't open the window, and no air-conditioning, as well as noisy. Not only that they didn't serve any food either!  It was pretty much a real nightmare for me, but enough said.  The horrible experience was sweetened somewhat the next morning when I went for a walk to the local Hospice shop and to my delight found....

A Sindy and a Robin Rive Bear!  I have a small collection of these New Zealand made Robin Rive bears so was delighted to find one for a mere $3 NZD!

Matilda is just lovely complete with all her labels and tags.

Kiwi Sindy was a mere $2.  

Of course she needed a spa and a dress made and I had some more of the same wool I had used for Camille to make her a little skirt and top.

At the local market one Sunday morning I was also delighted to find a lovely stall that sold felted outfits for 11 inch dolls, and bought her a pair of boots and a hat to match.

She looks so pretty now.

While in New Zealand I try to attend a knitting group on a Saturday morning.  I was looking forward to attending more regularly this year but sadly I only made it once, due to having caught Influenza (possibly Swine flu) when I first arrived that put me out of action for over a couple of weeks and then my Dad having a serious car accident a couple of weeks later.

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon though and Henry and the 'newbies' enjoyed meeting up with my friends sweet dolls and admiring her amazing knitting.  Just look at that fabulous sweater that the lad next to Henry (on his left) is wearing!

Not long before I had to leave to come home, I came across three dolls in a more local church opportunity shop and a pile of clothes.  

These dolls were crying out to be rescued!

At only $1 a bag, I was hopeful that some of the clothes would be useful.

Shoes!  Always need shoes.

I recognised all of them, although was sure whether the doll with the white hair was a Bythe or a clone.  Turns out she is a Jecci Five.  She had on her original outfit, although sadly was missing one of her boots - typical, always the way!

I cleaned her up and found something for her to wear, which was a bit of a hotch potch mix.

Later back in England, she borrows one of Wren's dresses.

Gene cleaned up nicely but I had nothing for her to wear in NZ.

Once back in England she has found a dress to wear in the mean time until something more suitable is made for her.

Little Strawberry Shortcake (more modern edition) had a dress knitted for her, using the very last of the wool I had left over from the previous two dresses, and some other wool for the skirt part.

So that is the end of my little dolls and of course the bear that I got while in NZ.  All unexpected purchases, and for under $20 including the clothes bundles.  

Before I left England for New Zealand I made up some little kits so I could hand sew some small dolls while I was out there.  As I ended up having to stay around the house more than we had planned I was very pleased to have something to keep me occupied at times.  I'd sit outside on the patio with my Dad, and we would chat, drink tea, and I would sew.  

All in all I made eight little dolls.  I had originally intended that some of these dolls I would sell or give as gifts, but every single one of these little ones is a reflection on my time in New Zealand and the different things that happened while I was there, so they are all staying and I have plans to make more now I am back in England. I already have some orders!

These were the first four I made.

These were the last four.

Two have names and the rest are waiting on names and clothing!  Most have borrowed Nancy's dresses as I had limited sewing supplies in New Zealand.  

Shirley has a dress knitted from the wool I had left over from making some socks for myself.  She also has matching panties!  Ha ha.

These are my lovely socks. So soft and warm and will be perfect for next winter.

I did buy quite a bit of wool while in NZ, and the balls lined the bottom of my suitcase.  I think I got a bit carried away, but I am looking forward to knitting with these.

The only other thing I knitted while there was a lovely soft grey sweater which is now in my Etsy shop modelled by Lewis.  As always these sweaters also fit Sasha and Gregor Dolls.


  1. Some great finds. I think I like Kiwi Sindy best, as she was so cheap and cleaned up so beautifully. Did anyone in the knitting group have or know about Sasha's? I still marvel at how beautiful Henry's hair turned out!

    1. Kiwi Sindy is my favourite as well. She is a bit like a mini me. The knitting group do know about Sasha dolls now if they didn't before because Henry has been before (and Peggy Sue as well). Henry's hair is great and now it is not so flat and found its natural state I think it is very much like his hair was originally when I first got him. I was looking through some photos the other day and marvelled at how similar it now is.

    2. Oh forgot to add... the thing with the other dolls, the Gene doll especially is that I don't really do glamorous grown up dolls so not really sure quite what to do with her! Especially as she will need an outfit that is more in keeping with her style and shoes and... most of which is not easily obtainable here.

  2. What great finds and what cute outfits you made.
    When you make more little dolls, will they be for sale in your etsy shop?

    I am sorry you were sick. It's awful to be sick in general but it's especially awful to be sick away from home.

    I loved seeing the photo of your dolls with your friend's dolls. It was good to see Mr. Henry. I have missed his adventures (laugh).

    1. Hi Dorothy, thank you for your lovely comments. I am hoping to make a start on some more dolls in the next week or so. They will be put on my blog first, and then perhaps my Etsy shop.

      Yes not very nice being sick at all, but especially when away from home, but I felt especially awful giving it to my Dad.

      Henry has blogged about several of his adventures in New Zealand on his blog I hope you haven't missed them?

      I think he still has at least another one or two adventures to post about. :-)

    2. I don't have Henry's blog on my list for some reason. Thank you for the link.


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