Friday, 6 January 2017

Meet the 'Spencer' Girls & their Friends

Christina Spencer, otherwise known as Chrissy, and her little sister Noelle.

Chrissy has two best friends, Sunita and Tara and they like to do quite a few things together.

Noelle's two best friends are Clara and Kimmi.

Like all little girls they get up to a lot of mischief together, and spend a lot of time giggling.

Clara has an older sister.

Her name is Sienna Saige.

Clara is hoping Sienna will meet her friend's older sister Chrissy and her friends, as Sienna goes to a different school to the other girls and often feels a little lonely outside of school time.

Kimmi also has an older sister.

Kimmi's older sister is Nisha

Chrissy, Noelle, Kimmi and Clara model my clothing that I make that isn't for Sasha dolls, this can keep them busy although sometimes they get a bit miffed that they often don't get to keep the clothes they model!


  1. Hello Rose Cottage Friends!

    I just wanted to say that I love the new blog, as do all of the other kids here at Fern Forest. It is so nice to see the more frequent postings, and stories about other doll families, as well as the Sashas, and Peggy Sue and her Schoenhut (did I spell that right?) crowd.

    We like the potential for other toys too, like Rag Dolls, Teddy Bears and others. As I mentioned before, we are a very mixed group of dolls and toys here at Fern Forest, so we love to see the new increased representation, while still knowing that we can continue to keep up with our old friends.

    We did try to answer the "Most Memorable Characters" post on the other blog, but I guess we got our comment in too late, so we will repeat it. We remember Henry, Peggy Sue, Hitty Madge, and Wren, but we also remember Rory, Molly, Tui Renata, Maddison, Susan, Ziva, and Annie Matilda. I also remember Liebe, because of the lovely German name that means "Love." The boys, we remember Rory, the twins James and Connor, Francis Fearless, Christopher William, Ollie, Baby Barney Bam Bam, and Ginger George.

    Non Sashas we remember Hitty Patience and Hitty Joyful, Bobby and Hamish, the gorgeous Nini dolls, Noelle, Kimmi and Nisha; your little Crochet doll that you got in the swap you did for one of the Hittys, and the Handmade Raggedy Ann doll, because we think she is amazing.

    Thank you again for giving us a chance to get to know all of your vast and varied Rose Cottage family, and we will continue to watch your new blog eagerly for updates. Happy New Year to you, one and all. May 2017 be a banner year for you and your loved ones.

    With love,

    The Fern Forest Clan

    1. Dear Fern Forest Friends, thank you for your lovely long comment. We always like to read comments and others thoughts on what we post and who they like to see featured.

      A 'Teddy Bears Picnic' post is planned for each Saturday, although this will be flexible.


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