Sunday, 22 January 2017

Two Brave Adventurers.

Only two brave Rose Cottage Friends ventured outside today.

Thomas enjoyed playing in the garden today.  It was cold and crisp and he had fun climbing the apple tree where he could 'survey his kingdom'

He also enjoyed crunching through the crisp leaves.

Adorned in her new red coat, hat and scarf Madeline also ventured out to catch the last of the afternoon sun.

She is waiting on some red shoes which will hopefully fit her.   

The garden is going to need a lot of attention come spring!


  1. That Thomas is so darn cute - I want one! I even went on an internet search for one! Somehow, I came back to my senses and didn't do it but he is such a charmer. Madeline looks fab in the red coat and hat; it's a great colour on her.

  2. Madeline looks good in her red coat, hat and scarf. Thomas clearly likes frost and sunshine, judging by his gentle smile.

  3. Madeline is a cutie, and the red coat suits her so well. She knows that, she looks very pleased!


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