Thursday, 12 January 2017

Introducing the Makies Family

I haven't done anything with my Makies for a while, and part of my goal this year is to 'revisit' all my dolls and have a good think about what it is about them I like, or don't like and if they are staying or leaving.  When I found out the Makies company was changing from 3D printed bodies to IM I ordered all the Makies I had designed, and a couple of ready made ones that took my fancy.  I didn't like the new bodies at all.  I am so glad I did this as not long after the IM bodies came into production it seems the company folded.  To be able to have these dolls that were designed by me (with a few exceptions) and made and printed in the UK is pretty special I think. I will certainly be keeping them all for the time being, even if they are just tucked away somewhere safe for a while until I have the space to set them up in their own little home.  They used to have two shelves in the lounge, but at the moment I am utilising that space for books.

Anyway I got them out this morning and photographed them all.  This will be quite a long post as I have taken photos of them individually and in pairs or groups.  

Wren of course was my first Makie to arrive.  Fun loving, travelling girl, who has already been to both New Zealand and USA.  Her job is 'exploration'.

Nelson:  Enjoys playing a game of chess, but also likes to go on adventures with Wren when the opportunity arises.

Tane Mahuta:  New Zealand Maori, struggling to acclimatise to life in England, wishing he was back 'Down Under'. Loves to wear his leather gear and drive his car.

Blue.  Need I say more about this girl?  Somehow I think she likes the colour blue!

Alicia (Limited Edition Juniper)

Parker is the first Makie I ever designed.  He is the resident trainee veterinarian

April was one of the 'Limited Edition' Makies.  (Limited Edition Rebecca)  I changed her wig and she became her own character.  She is a yoga fanatic, and rather a flirt!

Brian is always cheerful and happy and enjoys skateboarding with his friend Tom.

Tom just a skateboarding kind of guy.

Trisha was the first Makie girl I ever designed, although by no means the first to arrive.

Peter Sinister is a very hard guy to please...although since his new love interest he has mellowed somewhat and has even taken to wearing a fun frog waistcoat.

Gweneth is a scientist, very studious and takes her work pretty seriously.  She was an early special edition doll if I remember rightly.

Dr Victor D'Ath - a doctor of just what though is very certain.  Thought to be a ghost by the Scooby Doo Gang.

Verity - another ghost according to the Scooby Doo gang.

Sunshine our little alien who tries her best to bring blue skies and sun shiny days, although often doesn't succeed!  (Not designed by me, but  dyed by me as I always fancied a bright yellow 'cheerfully coloured Makie)

Tina - thinks of herself as a Tina Turner wannabe. (A special edition Makie)

Penelope Bluebell, otherwise known as pink...for obvious reasons!  (Not designed by me)

The Scooby Doo Gang!

Some of their adventures can be found by clicking HERE


  1. This is an awesome collection and I don't blame you a bit for wanting to keep them all! :o)

  2. What a rush to be able to design your own BJD then see it created! I had never heard of this company...sad to hear they are no longer in business. Your dolls rock!



    1. It is very sad that they went out of business, such an original and fun idea.

  3. That's quite a family! Creating your own dolls sounds like fun.

  4. That's a fun, colourful Makie family you have :-). I liked reading abut their personalities! I wonder if they will ever be produced again, I hope so for the many Makie lovers!

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading about them. They were such fun to make and quite addictive. A real shame about the company. All the printers etc were also sold off by a clearance company so not really sure what happened...there were various rumours going round, but I don't think anyone knew for sure.

  5. I've never heard of these dolls before so I very interested to read the post and look at the photos. I liked Parker and Trisha the most. You'll have to tell me more about the designing process and etc.

    1. The design process was fun - it was limited to a certain extent but you had sliders to adjust the size, shape and tilt of facial features - eyes, mouth, chin, nose and ears. It was quite exciting to see how similar your doll was to what you imagined when it arrived. I do have some of the pictures from the designed doll. I will do a post to show them.

    2. Found a post that I did on Wren when she arrived.

  6. Great collection! I love Wren the best, of course. :) Parker and Alicia are super cute, too!

    1. Thank you :-) They are fun, and of course Wren is my favourite as well.


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