Thursday, 5 January 2017

Testing the Water.

 After collecting their sample of water the boys head indoors to find Peggy Sue.  Rory has told Henry about Peggy Sue's sore neck and he was going to ask Peggy Sue how it was today, but Henry thought it probably better to avoid the subject, especially as Rory wanted Peggy Sue to look at his water for him.

We've bought you some pond water Peggy Sue.  Henry says as Rory puts the little bottle with the sample of water down on the table.

What's that for?  Peggy Sue asks.

It is so you can test it for us.  Rory tells her.

Test it for what?  Peggy Sue asks.

Well you should know, you are the scientist!  Rory says. Or at least you want to be.

Perhaps just see if there is anything small in it.  Henry suggests.

Sounds like a good idea to me.  Peggy Sue agrees.

She takes the top off the little sample bottle.

I've got to put a little drop on this slide and then put the mount over the top.  She tells them.

Right, lets put it on the stage.  She says.

What's a stage?  Rory asks.

That's the little platform that the slide sits on.  Peggy Sue explains.

Now I just have to get it in focus.  She says.

Rory watches in awe.  Can you see anything yet?  He asks.

I just need to do some fine adjustments.  Peggy Sue tells him as she moves the slide slightly and refocuses. 

While Peggy Sue had been focusing the microscope, Rory noticed the cork hadn't been put back in the bottle.  Better put this back on.  He says.  It might spill otherwise.

That's better!  I think I can see something now.  She tells them.

So what can you see?   Henry and Rory both ask at the same time.

Well...she says.  Let me explain.

She gets down and starts to explain what she saw, or rather what she thought she saw.

The boys listen intently.

So it is like this you see...  as a microblogogist...   she tells them.

A what?  Rory says.

A microblogogist.  She says again.

Um...I think you might have the name mixed up slightly Peggy Sue.  Henry says as he looks kindly at her.

What do you mean? Peggy Sue asks.

Well blog is what people write things on for the internet...  I don't think there is anything like a microblogogist - because micro means very small and I don't think people would read blogs if the writing was microscopic!  Henry explains.

I know that!  Peggy Sue tells him all flustered.  That's why it's called a microscope! 

Um...I think you mean microbiologist.  Henry explains patiently.

Of course!  Peggy Sue says.

That's exactly what I said!  

Well not really Peggy Sue.  Rory said.  

What do you mean, not really?  Peggy Sue says. 

Rory takes cover behind Henry.

Of course you meant microbiologist Peggy Sue.  I think you will be an excellent scientist.  Henry reassures her.

The boys never did quite find out what Peggy Sue saw on the slide!


  1. Very cute story - as always. Great clothes and shoes, too. You are the mistress of props!

    1. Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed the story. Not sure about mistress of props! I could do with a better background ;-) Peggy Sue says she needs a lower table or a higher chair - they don't want much do they?!

  2. Happy New Year to you all.
    Love the boys jumpers - did you write the pattern yourself?

    1. A very Happy New Year to you as well!

      No, this was one of my AG patterns that I have altered to fit the boys.

  3. I loved this story! Henry and Rory need to practice getting in the last word: "Whatever you say, dear".

  4. I loved reading this and previous story! Peggy Sue is so adorable :-).

    1. So glad you enjoyed the story :-) Peggy Sue is adorable. She oozes character.

  5. Good to see Peggy Sue's neck is better! I believe she was almost correct - she's a macro-blogogist! As this is one of my favourite blogs...
    Maybe the boys can carefully look through the microscope, when Peggy Sue is not watching? So they find out what's in the water?

    1. She is most relieved her neck is better... and she is glad you think she is correct (or almost!) ;-)

      I think that is what the boys are planning....they have been hanging around 'the lab' as Peggy Sue is calling it, waiting for her to leave!

  6. oh, boy, PS is never going to tell them what she saw if they keep correcting her!! She doesn't do well with correction!


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