Thursday, 19 January 2017

Enjoying the Sunshine

Getting the 'littlies' out has spurned a bit of creativity and play with them the last few days...

Don't worry I will return to Henry, Peggy Sue, Sashas and co. in due course.

Anka is feeling quite the dare-devil today.

First she walks along the top of the fence.

Then she tries her hand at ice skating in the pond...

Careful that ice doesn't break!

Meanwhile Madeline is heading off to meet Anka.

They have agreed to meet at their favourite place beside the pond.

It doesn't take her long to get there.

Both girls are wearing their new matching hats to go with their sweaters.  They are very pleased with them as they keep their heads warm in this cold but sunny weather!


  1. But Madeline needs socks! She'll get very cold feet. And I'm not certain if Peggy Sue will give up her beautiful quilt for a sneezing and coughing little sister.

    1. She does! Perhaps I better make her some, or some tights!


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