Friday, 6 January 2017

Fashion on Friday

My sewing and knitting will be featured on my 'Muriel Makes' blog, but I have also decided to duplicate the post for those that may miss it  here each Friday under the title 'Fashions on Friday'. 

My final sewing and knitted items finished before the New Year

Christmas dress for Sasha Toddler.

A Christmas Dress for Wellie Wisher  Dolls - I made two of these, so this one will be going in my Etsy shop.

A pair of pyjamas for A Girl for All Time

A pink, (not that you would believe it looking at the photo!) sparkly party dress for Noelle (Wellie Wisher)

For my girl who loves purple - a purple sparkly sweater which she will team with her purple jeans in due course.

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