Monday, 2 January 2017

Becoming a Scientist.

What are you doing Peggy Sue?  Henry asks.

I'm going to be a scientist.  She answers.  

Why are you still in your pyjamas?  Stevie asks.

Yes why?  Peggy Sue also asks.

Well, um, because they are comfy.  Henry replies.

What's wrong with being in my pjs?  

Um., nothing...the girls reply.

Anyway, Peggy Sue says, Do you want to know what I am what I an scientificing?

That's not a word!  Stevie says,

Sure it is.  Peggy Sue says.

Go on then, tell us all about it.  Both Stevie and Henry tell Peggy Sue.

Well, this is a microscope, which means I can look at tiny things!

I put a slide under here...

They watch on fascinated.

Then you look through the top eye piece...trouble is I can't reach...hang on a minute...

...there that is better.  Peggy Sue says as she stands on a box.

Wow!  This is amazing!  She says.

What can you see?  They ask her.

Well...Peggy Sue begins... and does various hand waving to illustrate how tiny things are made big.

They look at her amazed.

Can I have a look?  Stevie asks.

'Course you can.  Peggy Sue says.

Stevie has a look down the microscope.

Well?  Peggy Sue says.

Well...I am not sure... Stevie tells her.

What do you mean you are not sure?  Peggy Sue asks.

Yeah, what do you mean?  Henry also asks Stevie.  Surely you saw something?

I did, but I don't really know what it was. Stevie explains.

It was probably cells.  Peggy Sue says knowledgeably.

I've got to write up my results.

Peggy Sue diligently writes up her results and draws a diagram of what she saw.

Stevie is still not convinced she saw anything.    

Henry says maybe he will have a look to see.


  1. I love that microscope!
    I had one as a child, but the only cells I could look at where of onions - I didn't manage to slice other materials fine enough.

    1. I recently sold the one we used when I was home-educating my son. It was quite a good one and we managed to look at all sorts of things and do various experiments with it. Onions are always a good starting place for looking at cells. That is what Peggy Sue has started with.

  2. what a great microscope! I did research with a microscope at the University for 11 years and I put the micro the "opposite" way of what you have it (stage facing me) because it is easier on your neck not to have to bend so far forward. I wouldn't want the kids getting a crick in their necks and then not liking science anymore! Tell Stevie she might not have had it in focus and that's why she didn't see anything...twist the little knob, Stevie!

    1. Yes you are quite right, sometimes it helps to turn the microscope round...trouble is the light is so poor at the moment and that was the only way she could get enough ;-). It is of course far easier to mount slides when the microscope is the correct way round as well, but Peggy Sue is convinced 'she knows best' so there was no telling her! I have a feeling Henry might eventually put her right! But I didn't want to hang around to witness that! ;-) I know he later helped Stevie to get it into focus.

  3. What an awesome prop is that little microscope! I love the pictures, especially the ones where Peggy Sue and Stevie look down the microscope. I think Henry still wears his pj's because they are so cute :-). Did you make them?

    1. Isn't it just perfect. I love little things :-)

      No I didn't make Henry's PJs. They are fun aren't they?!

  4. I think Peggy Sue will make a great scientist. She has a methodical mind and is very determined. She and Henry will need to collect a drop of pond water to look at - lots of interesting things to see.

    1. Pond water will be a good thing to look at - it is looking very murky at the moment, so will be interesting to find out what they see in it! I am sure Rory will be keen on this as well as as far as he is concerned it is 'his' frog pond!

  5. Great PJs Henry! Nothing quite like them for warmth and comfort!
    Super sized microscope.
    (I too did a fair amount of using the microscope when studying my Science based 'O' and 'A' levels.)
    Really love Henry's new hair!

    1. Peggy Sue is thrilled with the microscope, I am sure her and all her friends here at Rose Cottage will get a lot of fun and use out of it.

      Henry does love his PJs

  6. Delightful story, Lorraine! Henry looks a tiny bit henpecked by his feistier sisters. He is such a sweetheart! xxx

  7. I don't blame Henry for staying in those PJs. Not only do they look comfortable, but they are as cute as!


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