Schoenhut Family

From left to right - two largest back row, Archie & Anne-Marie
Next row - Astrid, Peggy Sue, Dorothy, Edith
Rebekah Grace, Oliver William, Florence, Janice and Norma Jean
Lying down in front is Lewis.

I love my Schoenhut dolls, they are incredible feats of far-sighted workmanship that have last over 100 years.  Being made of wood they are not as fragile as many of the other antique dolls, and so are rugged and can still be played with, which of course with their articulation is all part of their charm.  I have been slowly building up my collection as and when I have had the opportunity over the years, which is not easy as with the fees and customs charges if you buy out of the UK, makes it almost prohibitive for me now, so the ones I have managed to get have tended to be from here or in Europe.  I feel very lucky to have the dolls I have.  Like many I still have some on my 'wish list' but most of those will probably remain there as I know that they are far out of my reach.  Some of the dolls I have had I have sold on as I was able to get something different. I still have the first three that arrived though, the first of which was Anne-Marie who surprised me by her size as when I bought her, I didn't realise they came in different sizes, and I don't recall her size being listed in her description.  The next to arrive was my dear Peggy Sue and the third was Edith who is (was! sadly she now has a ding on her nose) my most minty.

Anne-Marie:  Antique Schoenhut Miss Dolly.   20 inches tall.
Toys - Wooden doll (Amelia), pink rabbit (Florence/Florrie), teddy bear (Grace/Gracie)

Anne-Marie - 22 inches Miss Dolly

Peggy Sue 

Peggy Sue: Schoenhut Miss Dolly 16 inches  My sweet companion, determined when she wants to be!

Little Owen:  Hermann Teddy Bear, Peggy Sue's friend and companion.

Edith:  Schoenhut Miss Dolly 16 inches tall - Peggy Sue's best friend.

Norma Jean - 15 inches Miss Dolly

Florence (Model 14/313)

Oliver William  (Model 14/312)

Astrid  (Model 16/307) Graziano smooth-eyed character (Made May 1911 - April 1912)

Model 16/101 'Janice'


Miss Dolly with Moving Eyes 16/317 c1921 - 1928

'Lewis'  Model 16/403


Archibald (Archie) Model 21/205


Model 14/105 Rebekah Grace


Clara  Model 16/301  Arrival post


Matthias  Model 17/108


Mary 19/308  




  1. What a fantastic collection and excellent way to photograph them! The sepia tones and crinkled look all add to this gallery. Because I am relatively new to reading your blogs, I didn't know that you had all these beautiful antique dolls.

    1. Glad you enjoyed seeing them. These are my oldest dolls I think. I do have a three very tiny china dolls that may be older, I am not sure. I will have to photograph them at some stage.

  2. New to your blog and thank you for thesewonderful moments with you and family. You are incredibly talented with your story telling.

  3. Thank you for visiting and leaving a lovely sweet comment.

  4. So you are British!!! These American dolls made me think you lived in the USA??? I have 7 Schoenhut dolls and stopped buying dolls from the US with the new fees... 3 or 4 years ago... They stay in my home because they are my "chouchoux" (kind of pets???). I will go on visisting your blog for I LOVE it!!! Your photos are cute+++++++++++++ Amicalement,

  5. What unusual doils. .another make I have never heard of. You certainly have some wonderful collections Lorraine


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