Monday, 30 July 2018

Looking back in time: Anne-Marie's Arrival.

An old post copied to this blog as a reminder of when my very first Schoenhut doll arrived.

Monday, 24 September 2012

My Schoenhut Miss Dolly

After falling in love with a blogger friend's Schoenhut 'Miss Dolly', I decided I really wanted one to add to my doll collection.  I liked the fact that she is completely made of wood, china and porcelain dolls worry me as I would be scared to handle them in case they broke, and I really want my dolls to be more than just display dolls.  Of course I am supposed to be cutting down on my dolls and stopping my doll purchases, but she was bought from the US on Ebay before I had my reality check!  She has finally arrived today after a long time...stuck in customs!  Their exorbitant fees now paid she is finally home.  

First impressions are...

I'm really pleased I have her she is everything I thought she would be and more.  She feels really good in my hands and arms and has a good weight.  She requires some work, but I knew that when I bought her.  I would never have been able to afford and justify one in minty condition.  I always think wear adds character to a doll anyway, I like to think it shows how much they have been loved in the past.  She has an old replacement human hair wig that I am hoping will tidy up nicely.  I will have to read up on how to care for such a wig.  I will also have to find out how to remove some of the paint to her body as she has been poorly repainted.

My husband thinks she is horrible unfortunately, but then he is a confirmed Sasha & Gregor doll lover, although he probably wouldn't appreciate me writing that!  Of all the dolls I have had and currently have, Sasha and Gregor are the only dolls he has liked.  Henry being his favourite of course.

She is wearing a vintage nightgown, again not original to her, but it is nicely handmade and with a careful wash should come up looking lovely and crisp.  She brought her little wooden doll with her which is signed on the bottom, although I can't quite make out the signature...looks like it starts with Bob... something.

She hasn't told me her name yet, but I am sure that will come as I start to clean her up and work on her.  

I know she wouldn't be everyone's 'cup of tea', but I am really glad I have her, and she will be a keeper for sure.  I liked and admired her from when I first saw her photo on Evilbay and kept going back to look at her.  She had been the only one to really draw my eye, so I do feel like she is meant to be mine.

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