Monday, 16 July 2018

Some New Postcards.

What are you doing Henry?  Lewis asks.

It is time to update my postcard album Lewis.  Henry says.

You've got some great new cards.  Lewis tells him.

Yes, I've got this one from Minnesota, from the Gregoropolis Gang and those two near your come from Hans' and Angelo's Dad Jesse from his trip to Europe.  Aren't they interesting?  Henry says.

Lewis helps Henry put his cards away.

I think this one is such fun with the fabric skirt on the front.  Henry tells Lewis.

Lewis agrees.

I've actually got to get some postcards sent as well. Henry says to Lewis.  I got them while on the Isle of Wight and when we were down in Cornwall.  I must try and do that this week.

The boys wander off to see if they can find the 'safe place' that the cards have been put in.


  1. Oh, Henry and Lewis, what a great collection, and I know all about those "safe places"!

  2. That's a very cool sound system that you boys have.


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