Sunday, 15 July 2018

A Parcel from Afar.

Wow, look a parcel for us!  Henry says.

Emily is already armed with the scissors.

The girls are gathered round to have a look at the big box waiting to be opened.

It has come the USA.  Henry says. How exciting.  I can't wait to see what is inside it.

Do you think it is another family or friend arriving? Everlee asks.

I don't think so.  Henry replies, it doesn't look the right shape.

Come on let's see.

Emily starts opening the package while the others lean in eagerly to see what it might contain.

Oh gosh, look it is full to the brim.  Everlee says. 

Ooh, I felt bag - I like this colour.  Summer says.  I wonder what is in it?

Everlee looks at Summer.  Perhaps it is something to wear?

I hope so. Summer replies.

They start looking through the box.

A hat! Exclaims Henry.  Just what I need.

Suits you Henry.  Everlee says.

Ooh, look a jar of Maple Syrup.  Emily says.

How wonderful.  I can do some baking with this.

They spread out the goodies received and are absolutely thrilled.

Emily has some wild rice to cook and some Maple Syrup to add to some cookies. 

Henry has a hat and some building logs.  

Peggy Sue reads the postcard.

Everlee admires the lovely cardigan and hat.

Summer has claimed a felt bag with an outfit in it (shown in the previous post which SHOULD have come AFTER this one!  I got the posts round the wrong way.)

So what do you say?

Hooray, three cheers and a very big thank you to Daddy Steve and John, BR, Pete Dakota, and Stephen Orange who went to the Sasha Festival and the rest of the Gregoropolis Friends.  They all call out and cheer. 
 Hopefully you could hear it over there! They certainly tried their best and loudest.

We LOVE our souvenirs and thank you so much for your kindness which helps ease the disappointment of having to cancel our trip to see you and go to the Sasha Festival. 

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  1. Glad you kids enjoyed the package. It was our pleasure. Hope to see you in Cincinnati next year.


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