Saturday 24 September 2022

Peggy Sue has a friend come to stay.

While Jerica was visiting with Wren (more blog posts to come), Lizzie visited Peggy Sue.

Although they didn't get to go out on any adventures, they enjoyed each other's company and the garden very much.

Peggy Sue told her all about the pond and the wildlife that lives in it.

She also wanted to introduce her to....

The garden gnome, who is the guardian of the lawn and tries to stop the dogs from digging holes in it!

They sit and admire the view on Percy's Rest.

The weather was just beautiful.

Always good to make new friends, and Peggy Sue was pleased to make friends with Lizzie.


Tuesday 20 September 2022

Celebrating the Queen's Life

Wren's best friend Jerica from Market Harborough has come to stay for a few days

The girls decided that instead of mourning the Queen's death, that they would instead celebrate her life with a morning tea party.

Joined by Kiwi Sindy and of course Paddington Bear, a well known friend of the Queen.

They enjoyed a cuppa, with a biscuit and the sounds of nature and the fountain behind them.

Whether you are a Royalist or not, Queen Elizabeth II has to be admired for the life of service she gave to her country, the Commonwealth and the World.  Just as she said on her 21st birthday, she dedicated her whole life to doing exactly that.