Saturday, 1 June 2019

Car Boot Loot.

I am supposed to be downsizing my dolls, but as many of my readers already know, I am completely hopeless at that task!  I just like them all too much, and although I have managed to get rid re-home  some of them, I've also gained some!  So a big failure!  I have still got to post about my doll finds while in NZ - hopefully that will be tomorrow.  I thought I'd taken photos of them, but it seems not so will have to do some.

Anyway, today I went to our local car boot sale.  I haven't been for a very long time, as it is always usually full of very pushy people, and full of tat.  Whether it is because it is mid-term break and some people are still away, or whether things are changing, I'm not sure, but it was much more pleasant today and some good stuff was on sale.  I even found some dolls that took my fancy.  I limited myself to a certain amount of cash, which amounted to ten dolls, which seems a lot, but in my defence, they are small, were VERY cheap, and I could have bought more, but stuck to my self imposed limit.

This is the bundle I found.  Plus a little container with some little plates, glasses and bits and pieces that I thought would be useful.  Amongst them is a vintage Skipper, Ideal Pepper doll, a little doll who I think is from the Strawberry Shortcake family, an eighties Brownie doll and a Disney doll who is the most modern. She looked like she needed rescuing as she was lying on the ground looking rather dishevelled.

Two little Native American Carlson dolls.

Another wooden Polish doll to add to my collection.  I love wooden dolls of all types.  She has rather a posh velvet frock on.

A monk, because I felt sorry for him.

He needs a bit of an eye job, but not sure I'm capable of such a task!

This goofy, who I think is probably vintage.  He is jointed, and looks to be quite a character.

These girls have had a spa - and perhaps a bit too much tipple, but the looks of them!

The girls have all found something to wear, I even found shoes to fit almost all of them!  The little pink girl is wearing her original dress.  

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  1. What great finds! I know what you mean about downsizing dolls. I give some away and the next thing I know others are knocking at my door.
    Good for you for sticking to a budget! I try to but sometimes I just get carried away (laugh).


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