Thursday, 2 February 2017

Dreaming of Summer Holidays.

Madeline is hoping that it will be a good summer, and because she is fed up with grey, damp, wet and miserable she thought she would brighten the days with working on her caravan.

The inside is clean and tidy, but needs a bit of 'primping' as she calls it.

The seating area is currently a little uncomfortable so she wants to make some seat pads and cushions.

She has named her caravan 'Sunny Sindy' The bright blue reminding her of lovely summer skies and they yellow of course of the sun.

She wants to make some curtains for the windows and is currently trying to decide between yellow or blue gingham.

Later in the day...

Seat pads and cushions made!

Much more comfortable.

Madeline has all sorts of plans for her caravan.


  1. Oh my gosh, how wonderful is that! And it looks like it's in perfect condition too! As a kid, I had a camper very much like it. It was made for a doll called "Big Jim". He was a boy's action doll who did lots of 'manly' things like Karate, skiing, scuba diving, etc. I remember that my Big Jim doll had been made with either two left or two right arms - one of them faced backwards!

    The cushions and pillows are a very cute and homey addition.

  2. Love that caravan - our human sized one looks very similar inside, only the kitchen area is in the rear and the seating/bed in the front.

    1. I'd love to have my own little caravan or camper van like this one day, but in the meantime this will keep me amused!

  3. What a lovely place to dream about sunny days! I see real wood there too!

  4. The caravan is the perfect size for Madeline! How lucky is that? She looks so very much at home in it and her work inside has really made it pretty.

  5. How wonderful! And your additions make it even more special. :o)


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