Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Over the next few weeks/months I will be gradually going through my entire doll collection and a lot will become available to purchase as I will be selling off many dolls and props due to our circumstances changing.

If there is anything/anyone you may be interested in that you have seen on my Sewing for Sasha or How Many Dolls blogs over the years, please feel free to contact me and ask or make an offer I can't refuse!

Naturally Henry, Peggy Sue, Hitty Madge, Wren, Hazel and Madeline will NOT be available to buy! ;-)

I have set up a 'FOR SALE' page and I will gradually start a list there - prices might not appear immediately but again if you see something you might be interested in please feel free to contact me lorraine(@)takaro.co.uk (removing the brackets)

Off the top of my head so far those that I know will be looking for new homes are my two Blue Fairy BJDs, at least one new Waldorf doll, possibly two, some Schoenhut and more than likely some of my American Girls.  I will also be significantly cutting down my Sasha doll collection sadly.   Plus lots of props I have collected over the years.

I will start with a list and gradually add photos.  Again, if you are interested in anything please get in touch with me for photos etc...if I haven't added them yet.

The list begins:

Waldorf doll - beautifully made new doll, not been played with, comes with two outfits.  

21 inch Schoenhut Miss Dolly
18 inch Schoenhut Miss Dolly
Some troll dolls
Tiny dolls suitable as dolls for dolls - Dolly Darlings
Two new Paola Reina toddler boy dolls
Small soft toy animals & bears suitable as pets/toys for dolls.
Dusty Doll
Vintage Crawling doll

Some Sasha & Gregor dolls

Some American Girl dolls

My Maori Doll Collection (less a couple of dolls that used to belong to my grandparents) 

Blue Fairy BJD

Blue Fairy BJD

Furniture - Table and two chairs, Rocking chair (with hole in middle) 

Child's toy Vulcan sewing machine used as a doll prop.

Photos added to 'For Sale' page.


  1. Replies
    1. It is going to be hard, but needs to be done!

  2. Looking like some sad times are ahead (like me and mine)...wishing good luck with your sales.
    Hopefully better times are ahead.

    1. Yes sad times ahead but also hopefully better times too. We can always be hopeful. Thank you Kendal.


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