Saturday 3 June 2023

Wandering with Wren to find a Mermaid!

Wren is going wandering today to see if she can find a mermaid

Off she goes down the path through the woods

She follows it along...

until she spies the sea.

at the top of the steps she pauses a while...

to take in the view.

She looks around to see if she can spot a mermaid as she has heard you can sometimes see them early in the morning.

She spies a cormorant.

Aha, what does she see?

With her camera at the ready 

She spots a little mermaid on the rocks.

Wren watches quietly and takes some photos...

The little mermaid then changes position.

It looks like she is sunning herself in the early morning sunshine.

She stops on the rocks for a little longer...

before the call of the sea

beckons her back to the deep.

What a lovely way to spend the morning.

This was for the Youtube Blythe Mermaid Collaboration that I took part in.  


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