Monday 12 June 2023

Swallows Rest Diary: Part Two - A Vintage Triang Dolls House No. 55 from 1963

This is one of the shelving units that came with the dolls house. 

I liked it but wanted to make a plate rack.  I considered altering this, but as it is an original piece I decided to make my own.

This is how it turned out.

It fits some plates in nicely.

I put it on the wall.

I also made another shelve unit and put it on the other wall.

Gladys likes it very much indeed.

She has already started to use the shelves.

I also made the back 'window' with the fabulous view up the garden. 
It is big, but it lets in lots of light. 

At the back you can see I also made a little shelf which holds a tea towel.

All the items I have made so far have been made predominantly using cereal boxes, tooth picks and lollipop sticks.  



  1. Wonderful! And as a bonus, you're inspiring me to go and make more furniture myself! 😃🧡

    1. Oh that is wonderful. Please do read 'Newer Posts' to see more of the furniture I have made to give you inspiration and let me know if you make anything : -)


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